Please, just tell me and be honest is magick real?

Have you met it?

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Imagine thinking magic/k is only spells and twerking to unseen forces for stuff :thinking:


I really dont appreciate you sharing my secret techniques.



Magick is more popular than you realize. Go to any big book store. You’ll find shelves of books devoted to the occult and magick. Also, if magick is “fiction” why do they put those books in the “non-fiction” section? Something to think about. Magick has never been understood. It has been demonized for hundreds, thousands of years. Look at those who were killed for practicing it years ago. If you want to know if magick is real, study it for yourself. Look up the old grimoires, get to know what it was about. Find forums like this, Youtube videos, etc. Get firsthand knowledge from people who actually practice magick. You’ll soon find out for yourself. Not everyone is meant to be a magician. It may not be your path at all.


Thanks, which “Words of power” book are you talking about? There are like 3 of them

The first one, Words of Power. Greater Words of Power and Mystical Words of Power are also good though, but I feel you can mostly only appreciate Mystical Words of Power once you have had quite a bit of magickal experience and success over time. Still a very good book to get eventually though, it’s very unique too. Or at least as far as I’ve seen. But had some very, very interesting results from that book before.

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“The Greater Words of Power: The Secret Calls of Archangel Magick” or “Words of Power: Secret Magickal Sounds That Manifest Your Desires”

The latter, “Words of Power: Secret Magickal Sounds That Manifest Your Desires”.

Also, as a side note, don’t pirate their works. Just in case you do (Not too uncommon).

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How can you learn about a subject when you dismiss it and are closed minded?

when someone learns drawing, they are there to learn. They don’t automatically know skills of drawing in order to take drawing course. It’s funny. i hear to many people says ’ i can’t take drawing class cuz i don’t know how.’ duh!! thats’ why your in the class. It’s like they use excuse. i can’t take the class cuz i can’t draw.

It’s same analogy here your making. Magick don’t exist cuz i can’t do it. lol

simple answer is. learn what you don’t know. than you know. Its all on the self.


Start with sigil magick and ask for something really simple and finish the magick in the right way and dispose it on a right way and never think of it again and go on on your daily live and believe me… it gonna work… sigil magick is a simple yet very strong magick

I personally have only experience in sigil magick after searching for a year for a house and to be chosen for a house I decided to do in begin of December sigil magick for to have my own house
And today I have my keys :grimacing::grimacing:
And also a while ago it worked for sex and before that it worked also for to have the job I have now so for me it works
I have to say when you ask something you have to do your part also like when you do a sigil magick to find work… don’t sit and wait… take action and help the universe like he will help to give you what you asked for
Sigil is not wishing and sitting back it requires some sort of action on your behalf… be it a action like not te be anxious and impatient or be it a action like to get of your ass and apply to jobs…depends on for which purpose you used magick for

Again I am not a experienced guy with magick but I think it work like what i just wrote here😅

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I recently burned a letter to Lilith with a sigil and blood on it, I asked her to do anything that would make me believe in magic, I haven’t got anything

You want proof just go piss of a spirit I promise you, you’ll get what you want


You wait and are looking for a answer it doesn’t come like you order a pizza dude :joy:

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Teach me how

You may find it useful to read through other peoples success stories


I know, but I asked her for anything, I just want a sign thats all, no money, no women, only a sign

Do you know what lust for results are?