Please, just tell me and be honest is magick real?

Is it just some psychological shit? Or is it indeed real?
If is real, how can I do magic without experience?
Please, just please dont say “bUt yOu have to Believe and Have FaiTh to make it work”
If you are saying that you are just delusional
If is it real it have to work by just doing the ritual right no matter what.
I really need to know, because if magic is real ill seriously devote my life and soul to it.

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Youre damn right im delusional and I do very little to hide it. Why are you asking us? Its your opinion that matters not ours.


He is saying you are delusional only if you think only faith makes it work


It is real. But your state of mind plays a part. If you don’t believe it will work, it won’t.

bUt yOu have to Believe and Have FaiTh to make it work

Start with something simple that doesn’t even matter to you, but once manifested will make you say “Okay, it is real”. We can’t prove it to you, sadly, that’s a personal journey to make.


Interesting the person begging for answers knows enough about the subject to pick out who is delusional.


The assertion that it has to either be “real” or psychological is a false dilemma. At its core, magic is a mental science. Yes, it can cause change in the real world. But the engine of creation is ultimately you. And it operates according to your own authentic emotional expectations. As such, it is folly to think that you can remove belief from the equation.


Sorry if Im acting like an idiot, but is there a logical way to explain magic?


Look into chaos magick and the equations of magick if your looking for a more scientific approach.

Also, you realize this forum has been active for like 9 years and the founders charge like $1000 for ritual right? Do you think were Larping?


The Gallery of magick have several books that work without faith. It takes a long while to any results.
It took me 6 mths of qigong to feel chi.
a further 12 months for me to do any magical thing with the chi and a lot of time doing research on magick theory


I bet some of you and maybe most larp on this forum, but i hope im just wrong. Fuck, I dont want to be skeptical, I just wish I would be able to summon angels, spells, and learn all kind of knowledge and truth. But the possibility of people taking this very seriously, when its actually fake, just induced schizophrenia on them

One of the phrases I live my life by is “all great things must first be met with fear”.

Your problem is your looking at faith as something you attain, and not as a tool to use. Read the link I posted above please since you seem to be a scientific mind.

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How can I use a tool I dont even have?

Last time im going to say this, read the article I sent you.


Ill check it out, thanks

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Look buddy, think about it this way: what if it is just placebo? There is not such thing as just placebo; placebo is an AMAZING power the human brain has. Who knows what else we can do? And, in any event, don’t you thing that triggering the damn placebo effect at will is a skill worth having?

And that’s only speaking about placebo, a known effect. Not even going to magick.



Haha. But for real. If you want to move something you need to put energy in it.
Energy can turn into mass, right?
So your intent can turn into a result.
-> Your mental state does matter.


Not trying to be rude, but if you are at all interested in this you will have to put the time in. The unfortunate truth, and I had to learn this myself, is magick is not a shortcut.

This is probably the best studied example of magick in the scientific community besides what the CIA might have looked into.


What is the easiest spell/ritual that has worked for rookies?

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Are you here to troll us or what?