Please .. i’m new and i need your help!

At first … i loved this site alot … this site contain alot of information that were beautiful for me
So let’s talk about my topic
My topic is … i want to be a pro in a game called “8ball pool”
As my friend is a really pro , he always see that i’m such noob and i shouldn’t play on his account … so i want to make him see that i’m powerful than him in this game
So i was searching about demons and their abilities and i read about monoson actually i don’t remember his name exactly so my question is … can this demon help me to be a professional in this game? I think he always help with lottery and this kinds of games so i inquiery
My second question is about succubus
As a Egyptian man … marriage is very hard in our country … so i decided to marry a succubus in stead of marry a girl lol
So what’s the right way to marry a succubs espicially for a noob like me?
I need the best way that is safe and real 100%
My third question (and the last) is
What should i do to get some sciences from demons … sciences like medicine , physics , alchemy and astronomy … if i summoned a demon of science … what should i give him to give me his science?
Also about languages maybe you realised that i’m bad in English how will the demon teach me the language? Will i just sleep and in the morning i’ll realise that i can speak English correctly? Or he’ll take some time to teach me ?
I know i asked many questions so these qurstions are enough :grinning:
And thanx for this site and it’s awesome members :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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For all things Succubus, my Swedish brother @succupedia will be of good assistance. He haves first hand experience👌


Really thank you for your comment and i’ll be waiting for your friend’s help :heart:️:heart:️

Maybe try this:

I could never guarantee that this method is 100% safe, but it worked for me, and other magicians have also verified it to work.

…and please, make an introduction of yourself here:

It’s one of the rules to participate in this forum.


Minoson from The Grimorium Verum, Probably, although you might want to consider working with him and a spirit like Marbas to improve your overall hand eye coordination, very important skill to have in that game so i’m told.

See the post above for that. :point_up:

You give them your dedication to learning from them, demonstrate that your serious about it and will use what they teach you is all they really want, that or give them blood, a lot of it. :vampire:

Generally they make the information easier to assimilate overtime, your still going to have to make most of the effort yourself but with their help it will become quicker and easier for you. :nerd_face:


I really want to thank you guys for your share … and i’m going to produce myself in the right section because i didn’t know it was a rule here


I introduced myself you can see in the link

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I also want to ask you one question
Can i really make a succubus love me so she’ll never leave me ?
If she loved me , would she stay with me for a lifetime?

Most succubus are very serious about relationships. As long as you talk to them once in a while and when they touch you and you acknowledge it, they’ll stay. When they agree to a relationship they are serious as they can be, so imagine when one agrees to marriage! :smile:


No, you can’t “make” a succubus to love you and make her to stay. That’s a consensual choice she has to make by her own. And even when she made a choice to be with you, she might need permission to proceed with the proposal to start a relationship with you. Once the political bureaucracy is done, there’s no turning back.

That’s pretty much the point, isn’t it? There’s even a slight chance that she’s been with you long before you even started the ritual. And the deeper the relationship becomes, the bigger the chance is that it will last beyond a lifetime. Their love has no boundaries, and they can be very loyal to the point that their own sacrifices and compromises to be with us is much bigger than our own love and loyalty are for them. That also makes them a very potent and dangerous spirit for anyone trying to hurt you. You simply don’t mess with the one’s we love.


I really want to thank you so much for your awesome information :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Hey maybe im just not bright enough, but i cant figure out how to pm you :sob:. I have a question regarding succubae and i really need help, i heard you are the guy to go to.


Hey, man. You are unable to PM because you are new to this forum (your account says you joined only two hours ago), but regular members can PM you, so hopefully, @succupedia will be willing to answer your questions. In the meantime, I suggest you do a search of the forum as there is a lot of information on succubi available here so you may find your answers somewhere.


Oh i see, thanks for explaining, i read something about being able to pm after doing the discobot tutorial so i was super confused, ive been lurking for quite a while (couple of weeks), and i did an older version of the letter, during the super blue blood moon, and i got interesting/scary results from it.


I have no idea what a “discobot tutorial” is, but you should gain the ability to PM in a few days, I believe. It doesn’t take long. @succupedia is one of the nicest and most helpful people on this forum so I’m sure he’ll PM you once he returns. He is best equipped to help with your results from the letter method.


Heh, must be a new feature, it pretty much just had me do a tutorial on how to navigate the forum and do certain things with text, which btw was very helpful as i never really went on forums before this. Thanks for the insight and time as i’m eager to be a part of this fantastic forum! :smiley:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi pro
I hope that you didn’t forget me :smiley:
I was wondering … what is the most damage that a succubus can do with me if i make her angry? :3
And also … is there any ritual but just for summoning a succubus without needing Lillith ? As you daid before the powerful succubus won’t follow any demon like Lillith
Also … from your experiences … what are things that they’d like in us?
What’s the behaviour should i do to make her -at least- love me?

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That depends on your ability of perception, but if you have the ability to feel energies and spirits on a physical level, it can be quite damaging.

I was about to put some graphical and scary gifs to show some examples of what they can do, but that would just inflict doubt and possibly fear by doing that. Let’s just say that she could do some serious damage. If she chose to do so. But there’s nothing that says she would. Even they act out independently if they get hurt or angry, and maybe she brushes it off and sees the bigger picture.

I know of a few rituals to evoke independent succubus, but you have to do these kind of searches by yourself. It’s out there, if you do some research.

They seems to make their choices based on our spirits and souls, along with our deepest personalities. Our physical appearance is irrelevant.

Simple. Be YOURSELF and be honest about everything.


Lilith has three other sisters that can offer their daughters to you. I read at least one other person in this forum has a relationship with Namaah and one of her daughters.