Please, help: Unable to stop flux of life events

Hi there, Im writting to ask to you guys why sould I do?. I ve been living a bad events series since 7 years ago. Since 2 years ago, when I was in army, I discovered my mom is cheating my dad with her ex boyfriend. He was rejected by my mom because he was very poor, nowadays she meet him in a “church event” and “her love for him is come back” when she noticed now he has a better life in switzland and have some wealthyness, he has his own house, he gains his owns cash, but is married and he has 3 childs! (15, 13, 8 years old respectly) . He (called Robert) was married and have 3 childs recently, since he meet with my mom he left his home and his ex wife (but not divorced her yet!). My mom is planning left us (my little sister and me) and go to Switzland with her, married him and take away all his cash, I know it because some occasion I noticed text conversations with her friends in whatssap and she was saying “how dumb is he”. I was in my own town now, But Im not living with her because we had some conflicts and she accused me falsely with police saying I stricked her, and this is not true!. I left my house and Im living alone in due that. My dad is out of this country, working, I cannot left my sis alone with this monster (she has parental custody now above her). I consulted tarot, nordic runes, created servitors for manifesting my will and stop her, ask gods and anything had worked!. Please help, she is very bad bitch!. Im living of my saved money, and help my sis with all I can. But is not enough!. Im worried about this, my dad dont respond me. Im living alone, far of my house, Im finding for a job, but I have not anyything in months!. My servitors works very well till may or June 2023, caused disease in her, but for some reason that escape of my knowledge, she is not lefting her evil plans, and she is back atacking my little sister. I ordered my servitor destroy her and her lover, but is not working? what is going on here?, guys…Im very confused. I asked Ellis (DKMU), ZALTY (DKMU), DOOMBRINGER (DKMU), ANGELS (RAZIEL, AND VEVALIAH) and they are saying the same “is unable to stop flux of events”. Why???. She is a very bad person and it looks like universe is getting a price for her acts. Why?. My life is in danger, because if she left us, she will let us without home, she wanna sell our home and go to switzland.
In a tarot lecture I see the same result every time that I consult it: “Just let it go, is not possible to change the future, so flow with the flux of time and space”… I asked tarot and says is not a curse or witchcraft work over me, is just “the universe”. But… Just let it “flow”?. Im literally starving and I had no found job. My sister is danger in this house, and me…well, Im trying everything, but nothing looks works. Yesterday I ask Lucifer about it, anything happened. I know, say “LET IT GO, JUST FLOW WITH FLUX” is very easy for people, but is not like that. Indeed ina tarot lecture here in BALG and user says me about job: the fool. Better start your own bussiness because im not seeing work opportunities near, Are you joke with me? Why?. I need money. I need my sister, I need help and justice and all the fucking people and the bastard god just says me “trust me, just let it flow with the river current”… Well, this is all, thanks…

Can you just send the screenshot or tell the man somehow? She’s ruining his life and yours, you could help each other out.

She’s acting in a way they call “narcissistically”, basically to her all people are just possessions to be used, and if they allow it it’s their fault for being stupid and weak. It’s one of the “dark triad” in psychology (sociopathy, narcissism and psychopathy). Love, compassion and kindness are seen as weaknesses to these people, who are damaged as children and are in permanent survival mode. Look up tactics to deal with people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) which is when a little narcissism, which is good and healthy, becomes so strongly and frequently malignant it ruins the persons life, as your mother is doing to her own right now, at that point it can be seen as a mental disorder.

You are the universe and what do think and do matters. Act. Try contacting the dude so he knows he’s being used, but do tell him to look up narcs and how they work. He may have been love bombed so that he’s very infatuated and ensnared and may not listen.

If she goes to Switzerland she may leave your sister behind and then who will take care of her? Maybe talk to child services if you think she is being emotionally and verbally (or physically of course) and otherwise abused.

Magically, I find bindings work well with Narcs. Persuasion works the least well as their walls are too high and they are not open minded and never question themselves. Look up Vovin’s freezer spell and try that to bind her from seeing this man as a valid source of resources and control.

Then do magick on him to remove his rosy glasses, get him mind out of his pants for 5 minutes and remember he’s not going to leave his family. Set the manifestation that it is him that is lying to get easy sex and there is no danger to his family really, he will never leave his wife.

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I ve tried it but is not possible because she changed her cellphone and all conversations are erased or submit up to some internet cloud service of saving of information. she is very astute. Furthermore She denuncied me in a police fiscaly saying I “tried kill her”, I just shout out because I discovered all this some day I visited her, I shout out, I admit, I cried, I asked her why she is doing us this? and probably strikes some walls and chairs with rage and heart pain. ANYMORE!. But the police believed her because “is a women and a women cannot lie”(fucking world of shit). They let me a notificaction about jail if I “continue with domestic violence and violence against women”. They fucked my perfect policial record, bastards!. In due of that I left my house. I just took a few things I ve seen near of my hand and putted on a bag and go. Im totally devasted. My sister some occations calls me, and says me “she is very bad”, “she shouts me out without reason”, “she wanna strikes to me but I says I will calls older brother”, she says me all terribles things and I can do anything, I feel very furious, frustrated and anything is working to me!

You are not the first person I’ve hear this happened to. A friend of mine was married to a narc, and he got angry when she threw out thousands of dollar of his ski and sports equipment without asking if he wanted it: she did the same, called the police on him.

Understand two things: a) nothing is ever her fault, and b) everything is an opportunity to make drama, get attention and vampirically suck up narcissistic supply, ie attention. These people are literally parasites feeding of the energy of others. What’s really bad is, it can get worse, a narc will do indecent things a normal person wouldn’t expect or even think of.

The priority is to protect your sister. Do the magick on the dude to strengthen his will, remind him how much he has with his family, and expose the betrayer (she will betray him too as she already did).
You should make a police report and get it on the official record what she did to abuse you and your sister. Making records helps if it goes to court. You should call child protection services and explain under the guise of “asking for advice” because you are worries. Play it worried and concerned not angry, anger makes people stop listening.

Andrealphus can urge a confession. Valac can force betrayal out into the open.

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I ve not worked ever with demons. I dont know how do it. Indeed, I started in september 2021 my magickal path in due this trouble. I never had hearded about magick or demons or angels or pathworkings. I started in 2021 only for revenge. But for some reason some times it works, other times no. Im worrying because the same universe is saying me “Not able to chage this situation”. Yesterday I started to see lucifers sigil and ask him to get a conversation with me in my dreams. I need protection, I need revenge, I need justice, but all around me looks like the universe dont wanna doi it. I never worked with demons, I dont know how do it. I ve readed some fantastic hystories of some usuaries in BALG post, but I never had tried it. Yesterday I started. But I got it no responses of Lucifer. I wish to know some usuary that help me with demons contact. I ve readed some fraters here can say to you if any demon have a message for you or not. I wish to know…

Thanks for you time. Thanks for supporting me.

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Yeah I didn’t get the same feeling from the card “The Universe”. I read that as “you ARE the universe” or “you have a Universe of options”. Be careful not to let conscious fear override true subconscious messages.

Be aware, what you believe and fear is what you will manifest. Stop that and control your thoughts. It needs strong discipline but can be done.

You are in a whirlpool of negative energy, probably put in motion by the narc mother. but that is not the universe. Stop projecting that the universe won’t do it, you are self sabotaging in a big way. If you get nothing else out of this episode and it all goes to shit, if you can hold on to that one thing you will do 1000 times better, your luck will improve, you will start meeting good people, and you will move away from unhelpful people and situations.

We have a bunch, read them through and pick the one that you like the most.


I know what its like to be trapped in an utter shit storm of injustice. I went through it for years. What gives me confidence for your situation is that you are still looking for solutions. That in itself is an important thing.

As well as doing work to target the situation, start work towards your own healing and protection as well.

I know what its like, I really do. The strange thing is, when things get better, it will probably happen gradually and in such tiny increments that you won’t even notice at the time. Then one day you will realise that you no longer feel like you used to. You will look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come.

As Mulberry says [quote=“Mulberry, post:7, topic:185572”]
You are in a whirlpool of negative energy

It would likely help to get some banishing and protection rolling on this. Damon Brand’s book Magickal Protection is very easy for beginners and effective. I suggest using the twice daily banishings from this and also the 33 day master protection ritual.

As for the evil mother, I know the frustration of throwing everything at the target and the frustration that they seem largely un effected so throwing more. Thing is this tends to put you in lust for results territory. A difficult state of mind to avoid, especially when the need is so great and so immediate.

It sounds like the first priority may be extracting your sister. Can I ask how old she is? Is she old enough to legally leave home where you are?

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She is 8 years old.No. Unable. She still in her mom custody, legally. Im so tired, anybody, anything, some help you guys could give me, I will thank you forever. I fell I have no energy for magick. Tarot readings says the same shit: “Unable to change this event”, “It will change your life forever, at least…you “maybe” will have economical and life growth oportunity”. Im so devasted. I fell I wanna faint, probably anemy, I dont know…Please, If anybody wanna do magick for me I wanna be very gratefull with you. But me, I fell I cannot do it nowadays because I fell boring, sad, sick and depressive. Thanks to mulberry for explain me about correct method, but sorry, I dont fell so anymously here.

If you would like, I can do some distance reiki sessions for you?
I also feel that engaging Raphael to do some healing for you would also be of benefit, I am happy to attempt that too if you like?


The priority in magick workings should be aimed at getting your sister out of this situation. Spells/petitions to help her find a safe home with someone else, even if it’s only temporary.

If you have any relatives who could possibly take her in focus some magick on them, like increasing the visibility if what’s going on. Magick to have them take you more seriously. Maybe increase their successes and fortunes as well to help them care for her. Your dad would be the best person to focus this on, but helps to keep it open to others for some faster results.

If anything goes to court, direct some magick there too.

Trying to disrupt a relationship and changing your mother’s behaviour, while doable, is also much more difficult and can take a hell of a lot longer. If you succeed, it still leaves your sister in a vulnerable position. This (to me at least) seems why you keep getting messages about going with the flow — some events are unstoppable (for now). Working around the ones that are happening could lead to more enduring results for what you really want, in this case, keeping your sister safe.

I made protection rituals for my sister and I ve ordered my servitor (created by me for protection and justice of inocents) to protect and take her out there. I think, is factible to sick Robert (my mom “new lover”) and dead him? Its taking so much time!,