Pictures of Altars



Weeeeed :heart_eyes_cat:


Altar as a box… it is quite weighty now as i have all my stuff in it… but very functional & works well for me


OK, so this one is HUGELY COOL. No need for alter cloths etc.


It was handmade to my spec, i made the design and sent it to a guy who normally does rhp burns but he got really in to this piece… the actual box is tall enough to work comfortably as a table when sat on the floor :slight_smile: im really pleased with how it turned out!


I always thought I would get into some sort of custom work like that. I know people on Amazon who produce handmade (and somewhat expensive) Ouija Boards. I have one back home. it cost about $45 which is expensive for a Ouija Board although I have seen one made of glass (sometimes Plexiglas) that was sort of like a Wiccan shadow box design that ran over $200. You would be amazed how much better some of the handmade boards work - not because of any spiritual reason but because they were designed with better materials that facilitated easy “low friction” movement across the surface. You and your friend should partner up. You design alters in a manner that facilitates the actual ritual work and he churns them out. That is a really cool design you have there.





I paid £80 for it, and he made the box from scratch so a total bargain! … im a huge fan of handmade stuff - and natural products… the pyrographer is pretty established already with his business, its more rhp based tho :smiling_imp:


This is mine in its current, uncluttered state. I cannot lite incense here. Smoke alarms go crazy almost immediately. So I have two ultrasonic misters that use essential oils like Frankensence , myrh or pretty much anything. Additionally you can adjust the color they give off.


i love the vibe of it… love it…

the pic i shared mine hadn’t been used so its a bit … flat …

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I love that set up


Perfect :ok_hand:


I love the altar.


This has an awesome energy to it btw.


Indeed :+1: … According to an author, if stellar civilizations existed in the past, for the best results we should tend to what their magick probably was i.e. scientific.
For example, the temple would become a “cosmic laboratory” and, well, this looks straight out of it :grinning:


Same alter . I fired it up tonight placed honey in one copper bowl and port wine in the other as offerings. Made the color from the essential oil misters red. Added gardenia oil to each. Chanted along with a 13 minute Belial end recording . Then went into a dialogue with him. My dialogues are still rather 1 sided as I have developed zero ability to understand spirit talk. Still trying to develop that and realize it is very necessary. Although since I began working with Belial and requesting he teach me how to understand “demon-speak” I have had low intensity head aches where my 3rd eye is supposed to be and today I began having an odd sensation on my head that feels like I am wearing a well fitted hat. I can feel a sort of hat band sensation circling my head where the band of a hat would be. Not unpleasant . Not a headache just the odd sensation of wearing a hat. And there is a slight sensation in the middle on top of my head. That’s gotta mean something even if I am actually just having a stroke. LOL


Nah doll , each has an energetic signature that feels different for each individual , and yours felt like experience to me, if i may say so.
Imma post pics of my temple which hastransformed from 100% DIY to having half of my implements bought or ordered now I’m financially able to, I would really appreciate pointers as I’m transitioning from E.A.s mastery of divination to mastering Evocation, so I built a waist high one facing west and dedicated a wall one in the east for Lucifer, but would love opinions.

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What does your altar if any, look like? Please snap a photo and post here. No one will judge.
Mine first:

Sorry about the orientation of the photo. I use an old military knife as my athame/dagger. I have a mirror for scrying and jinn rituals. I practice fire safety so you see the pan with the incense holder. The extinguisher is nearby. A glass for the water element. An “Atomic Beam” flashlight. A lancet and alcohol pads from my diabetic kit. Two rings. That’s basically it along with my BoS. The table is an old materials shelf from a preschool. You can still see the old stickers!


Starting Evocation mastery video coarse , hence the waist high alter…any tips?


Oooooo that is a very beautiful board well done.:metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:


Not a altar, but its nice :3



Altars are work areas right? I’m wondering if I made shrines instead. And they’re a god awful mess (well, the earth one is of earth and outside and earth… well it’s patient and rests for ages (covered up with fir needle debris).

The one in my yurt is more like a shelf holding some tools and collections I find. The portable in the tent isn’t cluttered at all. Little more than a black mirror with glow in the dark sigil of Buer atm and a painted rock I found.

Clutter… is that a problem with altars; just too much?

My earth shrine is to many earth gods/godesses and a hint to sea, wind, and sun.