Pictures of Altars



Nice. Very studious and well read I see.


Mine is actually just the top of my dresser so its super basic


I just ordered the Belial alter cloth from this site as well as the universal circle. I appreciate all the compliments on the alter. Always looking for a way to improve it while keeping it simple. I like simple and uncluttered. That’s just me. The Belial sigil on the alter is made of paper. It sometimes gets a bit worn and it curls up so I replace it. The alter cloth with Belial’s sigil printed on it permanently should be a practical improvement. If it gets candle wax or accidental stains from offerings - just launder it and put it back on. I like that idea. BTW, the two little copper bowls in the pic were ordered on Amazon. You get 6 of them for about $10. Nice deal. The metallic circles along the edges are extremely strong neodymium magnets. There is one under the center of the sigil as well as the votive candle holder. No real reason to use magnets. I used 1 under the glass votive candle holder because those glass holders heat up and I have scorched a previous alter cloth. The metal disc (magnet) was handy and it shields the cloth from the heat. I put the others on the alter just to satisfy my own need for physical symmetry I suppose.


Not an altar, but still neat.


I like it :slight_smile:


Awesome fucking sauce.
Lol. Very cool.




Very cool @Lucia21


Not a bad altar. It’s more about how you feel and how the being responds . I’d it works great :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks mate


My update Altar now that I’ve settled in to my new apartment proper. :slight_smile:


I love it.


I wouldn’t laugh.
An Altar is personal. It suits the needs and practices of every magician/sorcerer/witch/wizard.


Me too! It felt so good to have it set up at last, the energy in the room changed dramatically when I was finished. Those trees on either end are old Halloween decorations my mum gave me too XD


I agree with FantomGirl, plus that art is awesome.


Its simply amazing.
I need to work on my Altar and get it set up and working again.


…and the sorcerer, Siconyte, did set up his altar to the dark gods and goddesses he worked with.

The black laminate was stained with blood, the sigils laid upon and the incantations were made ready for the moment they would be needed.

Siconyte looked upon his simple altar with pride, the dark powers swelled their essences around the infernal objects.

From the darkness, the sorcerer heard a barely audible voice, a voice that anyone else would have missed.

Good job.


That drawing is calling me, man. I love it so much.


I love it!

Simple and practical. This is exactly the kind of altar that I would have.

I going to a goodwill store or a Walmart to see if I can find something like this.


What’s to laugh about? It is yours and it suits you.

Simple and straight to the point.