Pictures of Altars


Still need to fine tune this, always a work in progress, but here’s my altar in its current state!
A bit cluttered and compacted at the moment I’ll admit, but I don’t mind at the moment!
(Sorry for the blurriness, my phone camera is garbage; that needs an upgrade too lol)


Looks really amazing @ChaosCaster415


Thank you… Yes it is meant to have that vibe of energy and some what raw power.


Thank you! Yours is really great as well, very elegant



I have that same alter cloth. Got it on Amazon.


Thank you :black_heart:


Nice set up.




If only i had enough money i would build an epic temple like what you have drawn out here.
(I believe that is what those drawings are).



morel ike ideas, what to do with a spare room.
~using a corner for the work
~or splitting one room in three

At the time of this writing, im wreaking my brain, about the issue of financing the items to build a mobile or replaceable altar from (since the forest is no privat and secure area…)

Currently, i cant get a appartment, so i think about the possibility of sharing a 4-5 room appartment with another person thats also into the occult

Or, i would rent a “office”, which would have the advatage, of lacking any neighboors to be disturbed, after times of midnight


Gotcha… Interesting to say the least.


Thank you!


No problem.
I love other people’s altars. So different and so awesome to see.


I am moving into an apartment soon.

I will have 2 alters. One for demonic callings, and one for Hela. After it is built, I will give the pictures.


Simple, but elegant, well done.


Thank you @Siconyte


Mine is very simple, because I haven’t moved out yet and don’t live alone. I’ll be making it much grandiose when I move out in two months, but for now, glowing golden candle, Capricorn necklace, a vial of real gold with my favorite ring on the side. It’s in honor of Glasya-Labolas, and I like to wear my ring whenever I want to carry the energy with me, and put it back to “charge” when I’m not wearing it.



Very cool altar especially with the items for Glasya-Labolas.

I can’t wait to see an even more epic altar of yours.