Pictures of Altars


Wow, very positive, I get giddy just from the picture, well done.


like a crossover of death note with a bit of next door satanic teen…
~its simple, but enough to feel different


Idea for my future working places:

Utilizing a style like seen below,
i would draw a BIG ~like DIN A2 -BIG amplifying pattern with my bare hands,
while listening to some song or mantra in a loop

the spaces in between would be more or less randomly “decorated” or “filled”



How do you kill a gnome ?? Lol


Well, I’ve been on close terms with the Gnomish kingdoms for quite some time. I am closer to them I think than I am with any other elemental. I am however very familiar with thee other kingdoms, it’s just that the gnomes are more interested in the work I’m doing. I already have a leprechaun friend who’s helped me big time, but this gnome I bore through the hate I have for my uncle. His job was to crank the hyper-cube mechanism which I built for him. It was designed specifically for him and I got help from the local bridge trolls for the blueprints. It’s function was to wind up my uncle’s fuse, to knot it up through extensive, repetitious, vigorous cranking of the notches. An endless trail of notches etched into the fabric of my relationship with him to define the spelling out of my murderous wish embedded into my unconscious perception of him. HimHimHimmm, the sound of the ignition fuse, the fuse that will obliterate my uncle into ze nihil.

The gnome had no choice. I artificially created him, like a lab would make a clone, and his life was unconsciously determined from the beginning.

Or I could say I befriended a gnome whom I found lurking around the house, then I proceeded to blackmail him into sacrificing his life for the purpose of a more fulfilling life of a gnome to be resurrected in the town of Phoenixville for the betterment of my families lives.

Or maybe I sought out a gnome from the local shores of our Schuylkill river, one familiar with the nymphs who might be interested in sacrificing his life to become a holy other kind of beast.

Either way there is an underlying theme, it doesn’t matter how, the facts are straight, no matter how abstract, I am blessed with great Gnomish alliance, and he will soon become something entirely more powerful than I ever could of imagined when I first stepped upon this path.


I have two altars these days the first is belonging to the Ahriman and divs - as in the BMOA.

The second was and still is black magic I Altar although it’s been modified spiritually/alchemical through my contact and work with Belial and it looks like this these days:

In a way it’s the same except for the skull let alone energetically speaking. I find it really easy to enter into trance states or even TGS really quickly due to the idol.

What do you think does it radiate Belial to you? It certainly does to me. It is still forming though so it will soon awaken completely. ^___^


Well done regarding you altar.


Thank you. :slight_smile: it all was mostly intuitive I must say. What did I do right? ^___^
What do you feel when you look at it?


Those black and white skull like, sitting in the pestel, i am getting a very strong vision of Ahriman i feel Its making me feel a over wellming excitement projection, like eyes of the black one keeps on moving looking at me and away constantly.


Strange and cool, it’s meant to house Belial though and from what I’ve been able to tell Inwas pretty confident I had managed to complete the task and also being successful. I don’t know if my aura after coming in contact with Ahriman and the divs has changed and thus might’ve slipped in somehow or if they are swarming it as well.

I know I followed the method outlined by Asenath Mason to attempt to invoke Belial into the skull. :slight_smile:

Good to know though.


I think more like a form of swarming.:+1:


I like to think that Belial, Orias, and XaTuring (the only ones I’ve evoked) are understanding of my situation and therefore don’t mind my comparatively pitiful altar. My bank account is $-210 right now (will ask for Bune’s help later), so my altar consists of an overturned black crate, some candles, and sigils. Not cool like you guys’.


It works for me. Simple is best.


Altar for Angel Raphael :green_heart:


love it!


You definitely caught his attention with that, I can see an angelic aura surrounding that


Can you read mines. I have the same thing put up somewhere else but I’m wondering what other people get of it at this current time.


A lot of crossroads energy. I can tell you’ve hadn’t some weird and strange things happen near or around that altar.

Good call with Lucifer and Legba, know that they watch that altar


Aw thank you☺️

That’s awesome! Glad you confirmed he was there😊


Im happy about that. Thank you for your scan

Its also good to know im in contact with both and I’m not crazy :joy: