Pictures of Altars


Tools? Tools? I don’t need no stinkin’ tools! I use my mind. I am the altar. I am the gateway. I am the portal.


Yep, and EA himself used the Kingdoms of Flame entities in both Evoking Eternity and Works of Darkness with nary a mention of the Seal of the Sorcerer or opening the square of the Kingdom prior to that of the specific spirit.

I look at it similar to the Goetia spirits everyone uses. If you want to specifically work that system, you need all the paraphernalia, but you do not need that specific system to work with the beings in it.


I appreciate what you have shared. I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit just by looking at the photos.


Can you PM me?


I’ve never really gotten into working with the eastern spirits and systems. I would be interested in hearing your take on what eastern spirits and gods are the equivalent or mask of corresponding western and middle eastern spirits.

Also you have the coolest outfits and styles for ritual wear.


Not my altar, that’s quite private. But one of my magickal spots




belial & my familiar he granted me

& Lilith i painted & wood burned the plaque, I also panted and carved all the sigil candles


Same :slight_smile: with spirits


Small and Portable. I like it. I’m gonna set up one like this when I move into my new place.

I can hide it from my Christian benefactors quickly.




Thank you :slight_smile:


New additions.



The candle is the grave of a gnome who I sacrificed and am in the process of resurrecting.

The bottle with feather and stick is an antenna attuned to my intuition.

The cube is a saturnian cube which acts as a gateway to the land of the dead.



^wrong thread my bad.


I dont have an altar. My boyfriend is afraid of magick so I have to be secretive. He knows I do it. He doesn’t mind that I do it. He just doesnt want to know when I do it. If I lived alone I would have my be very beautiful however.


It’s not much but that’s mine the cloth under the sigil is Azazels sigil


Beautiful, sometimes simplicity works far better than a complex.

I started working with this tree called Happy Mimosa. My new Ally in the vegetable kingdom. These are the flowers.

Those iron chunks are spirits from the wastelands of Phoenixville which I talk about in my Volcanic Uprising of Unknown God’s topic.


My little work space
The bamboo is supposed to resemble my growth in magick. The flower next it is Lucifers, as well as the candy. The shells are from Cali. The stone next to it holds my negative energy and changes color everytime I put more into it. Next to that, I have the stone holds my positive energy and the bracelet around the rock is what I wear when I envoke/invoke. The three small stones are new, might do some cool shit with them.
Got the two big rocks hiking.
Then I sprinkled some lavender and charged black salt around the area. Not too fancy but it works