Pictures of Altars


Yours are what I would like mine to be like but at this time I live in my in laws building and they visit frequently. I don’t mind but my mother in law saw my spirit doll and boveda and even that made her a little uncomfortable…so it’s probably best not to overwhelm her :rofl::rofl:but when I have more space definitely these are very nice aché


Hi lordjosh just a question have you worked with/summoned the Jade Emperor? Asking because I’ve read about him and saw you mentioned summoning ancient emperors


Compliments on your altars, they are really unique


I have not worked with the Jade Emperor as of yet but I have been working very closely with the brilliant Zhuge Liang, he was a Taoist sage and The Prime Minister of Shu Han during The Three Kingdoms era. He is my spirit guide.


Thank you.


Omg those paintings!!:heart_eyes:


You can get some skulls (both human and animal) at SkullStore or Boneroom.


Correct me if I am wrong but is that a Mark Alan Smith Hecate print? I have the same one, but yours has a symbol on her forehead, that I can’t make out - would you mind sharing what it is?


Its a photocopy from Queen of hell that I altered a little in paint. Green eyes, red lips and her sigil on the forehead were the alterations.


This is exactly what I am starting to do. I tracked down a copy of the Scorpion God, and hopefully the first two of the Trilogy arrive this week - he did a limited reprint of them which I pounced on. He isn’t sure if he will be given permission do another run of SG though.


I grabbed the trident trilogy as soon as they came out but I’m still tempted to get the reprints, they look pretty awesome. Alas the witchblood grail and the second book of Devil’s witchcraft(as soon as it comes out) comes before that.


I have the Queen of Hell and the Red King myself. Me wonders if I really need all the ritual tools though.


I have crown prince of the Sabbat, there is some great stuff in there too, but I feel I would need a warehouse to make all the sigils from his system.


On balance, edited out.


I would feel so much better if there was a spirit that forced every single goddamn occult author to stamp on their foreheads.




Most of them have a very specific purpose that is almost vital for the success of some rites. That being said, most spell and rituals you can perform just fine without the tools. The ones that see most use with me are the chalice, athame and the “Dark portal”


I will just make them small and make them as I need them to be true to the system. The trilogy will keep me going for the next year at anyrate.


Perhaps, but I’m just saying that if I look at a long list of materials, I shouldn’t feel like, " Crap I really need all this shit."

Case in point, I can evoke the spirits from Kingdoms of Flame without using the Seal of the Sorcerer or the ritual tools EA outlines.


The tools are usually just as implied:tools. They make things easier, especially when working with specific system. Lets for example use hammer as a comparison. I can drive nails, smash bricks and skulls if needed all without the hammer but it sure makes things easier. I can also scry and enter realms beyond the physical without my Dark portal (also known as concecrated obsidian ball) but it is a hell of a lot easier with it.


Completely agree. You don’t need any tools, including a circle for that matter. But they add layers of energy, which over time gets stronger the more they are used, and they create stronger magic for me.