Pictures of Altars


My fav part is the fire. The fire on the right is like a mini me lmao… its like my familiar jumped right in to get in the shot


Yep :slight_smile: it is really cool


Yes I love it to except the sigils in it. It looks to modern and cool.


Few alterations on my altars, the altar cloths being the major ones. Also my primary shelf for magic books and ingredients. No eastern stuff on account of me being forgetful and lazy.


Nice, have you tired Mark Alan Smith’s work?


Yes, I have worked with his material quite a bit. I actually started incorporating some of his stuff when Queen of Hell first came out and am currently pathworking the trident trilogy in order. I’ll propably perform the rite of the phoenix somewhere around Samhain, so I can start with the Red king. Really good stuff


I have two altars, one indoor and one out. Here is my outdoor altar known as The Altar Of The Seven Stars used for Taoist Weather Magick.


And here is my indoor altar, I call this “The Throne Room”


Wow! I love the purple/blue skull you have there and the wolves.


Thank you!
I don’t know if the wolves are made in that size anymore, when i got the snowflake one at top they told me the larger ones would be discontinued :frowning:

I was thinking I totally dig that chair, you do look like a Chinese Emperor sitting there :wink:


Damn fine set up old sport.


That is the best setup I have seen on BALG!

Can anyone else top the Chinese emperor, “white tiger, holder of the dark flame?”


That is fucking sick bro.

Like, I thought I was cool with my portable ritual altar in a briefcase, and you go and dedicate what must be at least half a room to and an entire fucking throne to your practice.


I feel slightly inadequate now posting a picture of my cleaned up altar lol.


Thank you Adam


Wow, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Perhaps a tour of The Throne Room is in order for my YT channel.


Thank you my friend!


Seems like a lot of people on here really love my Throne Room setup. I just want to say thanks everyone, a bit of background on my setups. I have two “static” altars, meaning they are permanently ready and waiting for magick at any given time, my outdoor altar known as “The Altar Of The Seven Stars” is an elevated wooden platform. I use that one for my Taoist Weather Magick, summoning storms, calling winds and rains, it is nice and spacious, perfect for physical magick (pacing, sword routine, gestures etc)

And The Throne Room is a sacred/creative space for me to practice channellings, working with Deities and summoning many ancient Chinese warlords and Emperors, the throne is key for doing this. The room is arranged with Feng Shui in mind. Here is a photo of the outdoor altar, notice the Taijitu symbol (Yin and Yang) this is my protection circle, it helps keep me in balance with the Dao.


Totally choice indeed!


My altar changes every time I do a magickal operation. Here’s a couple