Physical Changes in the Body!

Through energy work most likely but there are many different ways, crystals help as well !

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You would do it just like you do to bring any other energy into your body. You can pull it in through your hands or into your solar plexus. Personally I do not take other peoples’ energy. To me … eewwww! Gross!! It’s like french kissing someone you don’t even know… with bad teeth… You are bringing their energy into you and with MOST people I meet I want to keep their energy and aura away from me!!! They are so sick and negative it would make me sick! I draw my energy from the everything around me like nature, the water, trees, the earth. the Sun, the Moon . the other planets. I do not need some sweaty nasty ego filled, negative dirty energied person touching my energy let alone absorbing it on purpose!!! I may be sounding like a bitch here but they do not qualify!


@nikki Yeah it didn’t feel right for me either! I have wondered about " vegetarian vampirism". I am a vegetarian in real life anyways. I am sure I take people’s energy unconsciously but to do it on purpose seems gross because I consciously hate everyone ahahaha

Sorry to get off topic @Maarij

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Some people have very intense sexual energies I often find myself getting closer to. Not absorbing but cycling it. Then there’s also the intimacy that comes with taking in someone’s energy, you’re sharing your life force with someone. Aborbing and cycling are very different though…


That describes what I have done with the other empaths/vampires. Maybe that is what I do all the time? I used to drain/break cell phone and laptop batteries when my depression was very bad. Idk I guess I should use divination instead of pondering on this thread lol.

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Yeah I see absorbing as well… draining and using for self benefit. Cycling has more of a passion to it imo… God I sound like a wine taster. “Tastes like wet stone vs marble with morning dew on it.”


Ok. I suppose if it was someone I knew and I wanted to let them fell my energy and feel theirs it is different. I was talking about in general just a stranger in walmart. No I would not want to feel their energy. Or take it. Because yes, it is very intimate.


Mind if I ask you how the size and eye colour changed?
And what are the changes when working with angels?
@ashtkerr can you help me?


Well I have really bright blue eye but while working through necromancy my eyes changed very dark hazel and haven’t changed since.

Working with runic magick, I drew runes of strength into my biceps and opened them like sigils then I would worked out.

The result of my muscle mass build increased by a time frame of just one week with minimum effort and no supplements.

My size increased rather quicker than usual and I was doing easier work out routines.


I haven’t noticed any changes to my body. But, I should also note that evocation is not a skill that I use very often. So, I’m probably not the best one to ask.

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Did you have to open the runes/sigils every time? Do they only work on the muscles over which you placed them?

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That’s really interesting, and usefull. Thank’s

You are the first who comes to my mind when talking about angels, there’s also Mephistor but he’s no longer available


Does kissing someone makes their energy enter your body?? If does how does it affects you? How to remove it easily??? ( I’m not experienced)

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IMO the answer is “not unless you intended it to”. All humans exchange energy all the time not just when kissing. This is not as much magick as energy working so look that up to get the basics.

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