Physical Changes in the Body!

Hey Everyone,

  1. Are there any spirits/demons who would help out in making physical changes to your body say for instance increasing height or the size of your penis, gaining muscles/losing body fat, changing your eye color or growing long hair etc?



Yes there are some spirits that can help with weight loss and there are spirits that can teach you about shapeshifting. But it might not be what you think but is .

You would want to look into shapeshifting spirits like the Loki and Angrboda from Norse mythology and of course Odin too and Freyja as well


Don’t forget about good ol protein :grin:


They help with weight loss!!!??? Why am I always the last one to know!!??

(sound of footsteps running and the rustling sound as papers fly over my shoulders as I dig for sigils and ritual items)

Thank you!


I can tell you that it’s shocking how much interacting with spirits can change you’re looks.

For example look at Ea Koetting for example.

Look at these pictures and how much he changes.

PS. I had to just screen shot all these :joy:.

As you can see facial structure Changes, his size and his build changed amongst other things.

Okay yes granted he may be doing exercises and all that but, these works and spirits have clearly changed him.

I myself also have had this happen to me from size, build, eye colour even the way I speak.


Of course they can help with weight loss ! There was a thread about a 5 day exercise challenge if I’m not mistakened and I worked with Mars throughout the challenge, you can read some of my experiences on there :slight_smile:

He’s pretty hardcore but if anyone can get you in shape, he can ! Just prepare to feel sore afterwards and know your limits !


I have been pulling Mars into my workouts. To destroy the fat on my stomach and hips and thighs!! I think it is helping! Thank you so much!!


Definitely ! He helps with the energy stamina and drive during the work out and gives you that pure rush of heady berserker anger and andrenalin to get shit done. You’ll fly through your exercises it’s the pain that slams afterwards that’s the probably .

I invoked mars and felt amazing during my work outs but he lets you deal with the soreness after all by yourself. Which is really a lesson, it’s letting you know the price you’re paying for your goal and reminding you of what you have to go through again if you go back to where you started on purpose.

So even if you feel awesome during the exercises, know when to take a break so you wouldn’t get fatigued ( that sucks ) you want to feel sore for sure but the soreness brings pride and evidence of your effort.

It shouldn’t jut bring pain alone :slight_smile: I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Just keep up the good work and you’ll be on your way to your goals in no time !

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What is your method for invoking Mars? Do you do it before every work out or just once and then tap into him every time you work out?
I have a little method I’m trying. When I work out I realise that my body is my envelope and is mine to command and control. Every cell is fluid and can change at my will. I visualise what I want to be happening as I work out an area. Usually it’s something like all my muscles becoming harder, and all my fat migrating to my ass :joy:
I have no idea if its working as I just started it last week.


Keep at it ! You never know until you try it long enough right !

I used to invoke him before every work out ( for the 7 day challenge ) I don’t invoke him in my workouts now . I did it then because I wanted to push myself. Plus I was feeling some effects of invoking to much of his energy into me after a while .

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No pain no gain! I agree with you about the energy and attacking your workout! It really does help having that energy in you. I do not feel too sore afterwards. But I will watch out for that over doing it thing! Thanks!

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I just imagine a circle around me. I use fire. And I invoke the energies of Mars and set my intention to destroy the fat around me that is hiding the body I know I have underneath. I visualize the body I know I have and want back and place that over my body and inhale it into or onto me. Think overlay. Then I solidify that to my astral body and manifest it in the physical. Idk. We all have our own techniques. I have seen results and I have not been at it too long. Just a couple weeks so far.

I do not necessarily invoke Mars himself… Just his energy and attitude and intent of destruction so I can release that body I know I have within, which is covered with a coat of fat!!


A good combo to use prework out is a combo invocation of fire and mars geared towards becoming strong,fast, ect. Water and the moon would probably be better for workouts geared to building flexiblity. Followed either post work out or next day an invocation of the sun and earth focused on recovery.

The effect from the mix of planetary and elemental energies can be ridiculously intense so pacing yourself during workout is made more important.

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On the topic of working out: My first attempt at vampirism was at the gym recently. I figured all these people are generating all this energy and it’s going nowhere, into machines that do nothing in the end. I tried to take one woman’s energy but then she kept looking at me and tripped at one point. I felt really bad.
I figured all the excess energy from everyone is probably floating above us in the high ceilings. I wanted to feed off that to power my workout but being so inexperienced it was mostly distracting and made it impossible to focus of feeding and working out at the same time. Has anyone ever tried something like that? I should probably just take some preworkout ahahaha

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How did you attempt to absorb the energy of others?

I just visualized it flowing in to me, I was like sucking or pulling at it. I’ve never read a book on it. My only training comes from these forums. Some people say the energy of others is dirty and gross so a vampire needs to filter it. I tried that too. I mean it’s really hard to run on the elliptical while sucking and filtering energy lol, plus having no idea what you are actually doing :sweat_smile:

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Wow, your pulling power must be praised considering the lady tripped over and kept looking at you :smile:

I have never tried to take someone’s energy before but I know I do it on accident all the time. If there are people who are predisposed to be Vampires then I am one. I thought I was an empath but that’s only part of it. I only feel because I take. I learned that hanging out once with a vampire, and another time with an empath, and getting high (accidentally) by feeding off each others energy. Round and round and round it went. I feel bad taking on purpose though, like in the instance of that lady. And, again, I have no idea what I’m doing!


When I began the occult lifestyle, cleansing my chakras, etc… My eyes began to change color. Went from brown to green. Now I have green eyes.


How did you cleansed the Chakras?