Performing a love spell

@C.Kendall has explicit permission from Balg founders to advertise his services on the forums. He is endorsed by Balg and appears as an author in a few of their more recent books. He is the only member that is allowed to advertise their products and services on the Balg forums per @Timothy

Perhaps @Lady_Eva can explain it better however.


:point_up: That sums it up, actually - BALG authors are permitted to advertise, NO-ONE else, (I don’t actually do paid services, but if I did, that would also include me, and includes ALL Regulars who are not Conner, and any future members-turned-BALG-authors). :smiley:

People ARE permitted to put links to any paid stuff, stores, etc., in their forum Profiles, even price lists, BUT not to say “Check my Profile” (which is equivalent to just dropping the link to the store) - this allows anyone interested to see what someone’s posted, cick through, see if they do paid stuff, and hire them if they wish, but it distinguishes that it’s NOT a forum service, NOT BALG affiliated, accredited, etc.

Regular status is about being active on the forum and is not, repeat IS NOT :smiley: anything to do with one’s ability to perform magick, nor one’s magickal experience. It’s awarded automatically by System which is the smart software this forum is run on.

Let me repeat agin: Being a Regular on here is nothing whatsoever to do with magick, period. :+1:

The full thing is explained here:

Rules around free services are explained here:


Ok, thanks for the explanation.

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@C.Kendall would you be willing to help me? I’m unable to send you a pm presently

Did you get a reply?

THIS is incredible.

This is perhaps the best post spell mindset analogy I’ve ever seen!

Because it’s true there’s a lag in the universe for things to unfold so by making this your mindset you really keep away doubts.