Penis rite with Asmodeus

On Etsy they sell a spell with Asmodeus to increase penis size. Of course I’m wary, but do you understand that demons can cause the size of the penis or other parts of the body to increase?


No not really. I would fully expect this is a scam.

E. A. said he was able to do this, but I don’t know how exactly. I believe this is completely possible.

In my mind, this comes under shapeshifting, which is strongly related to healing. So you can do healing work to restore your physical being to align with your astral template.

So the first step is to study your inner being, understand what you’re working with, and get that to look as you want. From there, it’s a case of manifesting healing into the physical so that your corporeal body matches your astral.
The easiest way to do this is meditate and visualise the part growing longer. I did this years ago with my spine, leg and arm bones, as was able to gain 1/2 inch in height after the age of 35.

I’m using qigong meditation techniques and energy working visualisations, you would use whatever works for you. The main thing is to know that energy follows mind, and you are made of energy. It’s dense and not very pliable energy, so it’s going to take a lot of meditation and cultivation put into it. I did it every other night over a period of six months, just a few minute per night… little and often is better than a lot once a week. The energy will have a tendency to flow back into is usual state, so you have to keep it up to both hod it in place and add to it.

And this is the trouble with a one off bought spell. Not with the idea per se, but in that it’s still going to be worked by you, and you can easily do way too little work to effect and keep the change. If you do it once, you’ll get a start, which you might notice and might not, and it won’t be enough and a week later it will be gone.

So you can try it, but be aware that the spell by itself doesn’t do anything, you have to believe in it, you are the one really making it happen, maybe with a boost from the mage that built it, and you have to work it. Think of it like, buying a car: you still have to do the driving. :smiley:


Probably would be safer to buy a penis pump. Also probably cheaper.


Heartfelt thanks for your valuable response and advice!

Certainly I wouldn’t have wasted money on an online ritual … also because my photo was also required … and I don’t think it’s prudent to give your photo to strangers!
I am able-bodied. Until my teens I thought I was the one who had it bigger … until I saw porn xD

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I did it every other night over a period of six months, just a few minute per night.

I started with relaxation, an energy cleansing that sweeps imbalance and the days wrinkles out of my system, and qi cultivation by breathing in qi from the cosmos (quick how to here). During that I’m bringing the gathered qi to the lower dan tian until it is full, compressing and doing that twice more… then circulating it in the microcosmic orbit 9 times, or get it started / let it keep running if you don’t have to lead it around any more… that’s the starting base energy, like a level setting.
You now have plenty of new qi that can be molded to your minds wishes, without taking from any other part of you. This is an important step in my magickal workings, the clay that new realities are made from.

I take stock of the feelings and energy levels, then focus on the spine, bring that energy into the spine and visualise it in your body getting longer, the bones bigger. Stay loose to allow the energy to flow the best. You may get odd effects at the time like feeling the skin crawling, tingles, warmth and aches that show the energy is moving. Stay focused and this will be fine. Do the same for upper and lower arms and thighs and calves.

My feet got a half size bigger as well, which I didn’t intend directly, but I did intend balance, so that I would not get say, short arms with extra height, so I chalked it up to qi being sentient and intelligent enough to keep my body in balance. And then I forgot about it for a year or so.

I think the effect carried on after I stopped. The next time I was at the Doctors, they asked me my height, and I rounded down to 5’ 2" as I used to (I was 5’ 2 1/4"), and they laughed at me for not knowing how tall I was: they measured me at 5’ 2 3/4". And then I remembered the working. This made being laughed at very tolerable. :smiley:


Phallic angels made my testicals grow, like, 50% more in size in the span of about 2 days. T’was due to the specific magic that was flowing, but really neat. I could even feel a loving compassion radiating from muh dick. Length? Ehh… Not much different, but I started getting erections where it wasn’t based on bloodflow, but rather bio-magnetic tension similar to how aerokinesis, levitation, or telekinesis works. It’s a quite… “divine” feeling. So, I wouldn’t recommend that if you’re looking to just “bang some chicks”, unless you find that sort of thing to be in some way honorable to your divine craft.


you could also try manifesting it instead with sats (neville goddard)

i wouldnt buy that, sounds like scam lol


Yup, penis pump works for me.


I wonder if the magic phallic angels could conversely shrink someone’s testicles by 50% … it’d be a hell of a curse…

Just saying. :thinking:🤷


The ones I was using? Uhh… no. They’d either ignore you or tell on you to a demon in the underworld with a bdsm fetish for punishing the malicious. :yum: The angels I was working with come from a specific Divine Masculine current, where dick and balls are considered a direct link to the Divine, and it’s all centered around the craft of healing. Not exactly good for kicking someone else’s nuts with magic.

For sure though there are others who can.


S.rob in a book describe a visualisation ritual for big penis, also I have read big boobs using dirt invoquin Venus etc ,coulbe true,and friends on forums tell me of hot chicks they meet and later in 3 months look like cougars or grandes,I guess visual magick or glour



Most people who sell spells on etsy are just doing money magick to help themselves rip more people off. Don’t let them get you


Hi Tekidor, I would really like to find out more about this from you. Can you please help me and send me a DM so we can privately chat about this. For some reason I cannot DM anyone. Thank you so much.

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Who are the phallic angels? Any book tips or names you can mention? I didn’t find anything on them.

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I find this old thread while back for anyone with a penis.

Subliminals work i can reccomend some channels to You guyz if u want to …