Penis offering to Marduk !?!?

So umn I have a the strangest offering from Marduk he asked for a dog penis! For something I asked for and he wanted that so is there anyone out there who has offered a penis to Marduk ? Also lucifer was like yea he does want A penis.

Could you explain this a bit further?

Yeah, that’s a negative from me there, Ghostrider.


What’s the context to the offering of a dog’s penis? Sure, it’s easy to figure out the meaning of a dog’s penis; Virility, masculine sexuality, longevity etc. But what use is it for Marduk himself? :thinking:

There’s other forms of “penis offerings” that doesn’t include cutting it off from dogs or from anyone else: Sex. Offer your own penis as a moral and ethical reason, but don’t cut it off, ok?


If that’s what you feel you should do, then do it.

Nah man… I wouldn’t do it If I were you… I just wouldn’t.


Please…just don’t cut a dog’s penis off. Or yours for that matter. Not only would that be very sickening, it could cause someone to bleed to death. Don’t think you want that happening hmm?


Could it be…he meant Cynosurus cristatus? A plant literally also known as “Dogs tail”??


Ask Marduk again for clarification. And make sure it is him and not some imposter spirit.


This is right up there with the guy that wanted to cut his dick off and offer it to Cthulhu about a year ago…fucking hell.

Yeah, double check with Marduk. I think something may have been missed in translation there.


From a subjective standpoint? The reference of a dog’s penis is a metaphor for strong will. It was used in comic books in the 60s however they said dog dick instead.

From an objective standpoint? I think the reference was more in regards to the mentality of yourself in working with, I do not think that he meant the literal thing.

From a magick standpoint? It probably has something to do with him seeing how willing you are to work for him and your critical thinking in regards to figuring out what he actually meant. A lot of them are pranksters in my experience.


Lol I’d never cut off my own snake aw hell naw. But cutting off a dogs dicks just weird. I most likely was hearing an imposter. But will clarify again tonight.


If you have to do it, go for a drive and try to find a dead dog on the side of the road. No need to hurt a live animal if you dont have to.

Also, make sure you arent working with a trickster spirit. They could just be fucking with you.


Yes so I was asking lucifer or was it astaroth lol idk one of the two. But I wanted a spirit that would help with stealing stuff lol like a thief god or something and I heard the name Marduk. Take in note I’ve never contacted Marduk ever. But that just what I was hearing. “He’s here he says he can do it for something” hence dog penis!

Yes most likely I feel.

If stealth is your goal why not open Baels sigil and ask him to cloak you in invisibility? It won’t make you outright invisible but it will help you not be as noticable as long as you aren’t drawing attention to yourself.


Marino raven berg and I believe vk jahaunnam have said that attribute is wrong and not his speciality

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I’ve done it successfully and seen similar stories on here. But it’s up to you.

Oh really hmm I’ll have to contact him

I wouldn’t bank on those sources. Especially the first one. I find him less reliable than VK.