Past life Readings

Does anyone give past life readings here?

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Hey man i could give it a whack for ya most people find rradings i doo chillingly accurate. Are there any specific things you wanted to know?

Sign me up too Awalter! I have been so curious about this but it has sort of been on the back burner.

Ok FraterMagni and specs you want to know

I’d love to know about past lifes if possible.

Ok tgif2000 any specs?

Who was I, people I was with, where? etc basic rundown in a sense

Ok i pretty much find that out i think.

Awalter I sent you a PM regarding this. Check it :slight_smile:

Awalter666 what information do you need to read past lives?

Honestly Lola not a whole lot i just need whatt you want to know specifically or if you just want a general reading. Then i use a layout i develop to read into it as far and as best as i can.

I meant do you need my name, birth date, picture, anything like that?

ok man awalter666 i’m up…i’ll pm ya

Nooe i can do it without any of that just tell me what you want to know and ill find it out if i can obviously specific names and such are hard to divine.

Awalter666 is here to rule!

Muahahaha thanks guys

Awalter 666 became a living god of past lives and tarot in this incarnation and the benevolent one inspired others to take charge of their lives through magick!!!Hallelujah and Amen!!!

Awalter666 You totally ROCK!! My past life reading was spot on!! You bad ass! :slight_smile:

Thanks Arianna :slight_smile:

Hey, would you mind doing one for me, Awalter666?