Paimon and Belial

I had to take a hiatus from the forum as per instruction from Belial. He did not want me to read about him on here as he did not want me to be influenced by other’s experience.or view of him. “Every ascent is different” according to him. I now find myself drawn to King Paimon, I asked Belial if I may invoke king Paimon while I’m still working with him (Belial) and the answer was " You may, Paimon is an ally, how he’d take to you is up to him."

I have been drawn to Paimon for years but since I have been working with Belial the urge is at it’s strongest. I have done some research but wish to find out a bit more about this partnership in particular. Can anyone shed light on this? Is there anyone here who has worked with both simultaneously? I know about Paimon’s obedience to Lucifer and Lucifer’s connection with Belial but I would like to know more.


They are kings and work well together they are very alike they want to be treated with high respect

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Please use the forum search function, your question has already been asnwered.


I second @Manosman’s reply. King Paimon called Belial “a good friend” so there should be no issues there. Btw please call Him King Paimon and not just Paimon if you’re new to working with Him. It’s a sign of respect for Him and He appreciates it.

I haven’t worked with Belial and do not plan to, but King Paimon once told me that they both have the same goals, although they work in different ways.


Thanks for the reply, I was quoting Belial in my post, he called him Paimon, I always refer to Belial as king and will do the same with king Paimon.


Thank you, that was what I was looking for. I will post about my experience at a later date.

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Depending on which system you are working, he may or may not be a king. In the Abramelin hierarchy he is a duke, for example.


True, and other spirits’ ranks can differ, too, depending on which grimoire you use. The same goes for the number of legions they command. The background of this spirit, however, indicates that He is most definitely a King. But this is the result of my own research plus another practitioner’s findings plus what King Paimon has told me as well as what He has told the other practitioner (independently, and only confirmed after the fact btw), so make of that what you will. :wink: I have a hunch that this is - yet again - only one piece of a complex and intricate puzzle.


My first interaction with Belial came from Mark Alan Smith’s Queen of Hell, where Belial is the first tip of the Trident, Belial, Lucifer and Hecate. My understanding of Mark’s work is that these gods are Atlantean (as he refers to them as the gods responsible for the first fall) I am no expert. Since my first contact with Belial he has been tirelessly at work in my life and I feel like I am being led to King Paimon. Belial predicted monumental events to happen soon but what it is has not yet been revealed. I am following Belial’s advice hence the inquiry about King Paimon, all I have written about him is in the Luciferian Goetia by Michael W Ford

I first called Belial several years back for help with an issue. King Paimon showed up as well so it is not unheard of.

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With my experience with Paimon (I never really called him king or anything and he’s never asked me to) I met Belial through him and Baal.

This is good to hear as I am in complete awe of Belial so the last thing I wish to do is disrespect him, that’s why I asked permission first.

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If you see Paimon as Azazel, which I personally do and never bother to use the name Paimon as the same spirit comes through for me either way, (kinda like, different outfit and mood, but same being) they’re on the same team for helping human ascension. Common goals and all that.

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There is actually precedent for that going back at least as far as Agrippa.

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My journey has only just begun. I will see what the gods have in store for me. I will most certainly write about my progress as and when it happens.

They are kings, so i think they work together. I am working with Bael/Beelzebu recently, and in my rituals Belial has been present, even when i did not invoked him And only Bael. Vk jehannum gnosis of Beelzebub says that Belial And Bael/Beelzebu are the same Spirit, but with different aspects. My closest daemons that i did work in these last months are Astaroth, King Paimon, Beelzebu, Bael, Azazel, Lucifer.

Astaroth led me to Belial, that led me to Bael And King Paimon

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Personally I ignore anything he says, but to each his own

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Mark Alan Smith got the same gnosis, i personally agree with them from my personal gnosis too

Hecate? How does that get in there? Can you explain? Hecate is NOT a spirit.

Indeed, Hecate is NOT a spirit but a Goddess, in fact, she is the Goddess of all witchcraft. Neither are Belial, Paimon or Lucifer ( not in any specific order) Personally I would not label any of these as spirits, for they are Gods. I associate the word “spirits” with the dead. If you are interested in the Left hand path may I suggest Michael W Ford? His Goetia is an inspiration and if you read the book of Luciferian Witchcraft it will explain it all as I don’t have the expertise yet to do so. EA’s work is truly inspiring too but I think with regards to your question Michael Ford is the way to go.