Pact for change in my life

My life is falling apart my health is taking a shit I got the job and money and the wife but my health is lacking I want to make a pact with myself and maybe a spirit that will aid me in staying on my journey.

I’m fairly new to black magick and was wondering how to go about it.

Or if a written statement fromy self signed iny journal was enough

I never understand why ppl sell souls for material things, which at death you cant take with self. There is lot of spirits which can help, angelic, theurgic, demonic. There is in kingdom of flames some which can help. But what is problem with health?


You or your house may be filled with negative energy try doing a cleansing spell or burning white sage through the home to clear it out.

There are also evil spirits that can manipulate your emotions and thoughts you may want to have them removed of so.

But if it’s depression then I feel you man I used to suffer also… buy some jade and carry it around with you or will help you find what brings you happiness just remember to clean and charge it!… also the sun causes a jade to fade so use moonlight or your own energy.


Try this first: Urgent Warning About "The Law Of Attraction" ⚠

Then get yourself a mentor spirit, a major demon or one of the classical gods is best IMO.

Trying to make a single pact to fix everything is unlikely to work and will leave you open to abuse, like a desperate teenage runaway going into a random bar and asking the first person there to take her home and fix her life & future, from the ground upwards.

But stuff like this is possible if you remain in the driver’s seat of your own life: The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick


It’s a new moon I’m going to make this change and stay on track

You may also any a radon kit as a last resort if neither a cleansing nor magick work but that would be a last resort because even a whiff of suspicion of radon could make your house unsellable in the future. So try everything else’s first. (If you do need radon test buy it with cash in a different town from where you live)