Ousting a toxic friend with binding

Recently, a new friend was introduced to my social circle. I just moved and have been having guests at my house with my wife.

My main friend will come with two others. One of them is not necessarily my type (more of a bro) but I’ve been very kind and wanted to have friends as I am usually very isolated.

But there was something off about him, and after weekends of hosting everyone, I have Been thinking and feeling something negative about him in the back of my head.

Time goes on, we needed a break from having guests and drinking to balance our lifestyles so it doesn’t get old.

Then one Friday night, the one friend I feel suspicious of texted me, but I was taking a nap. He calls and texts my wife, then proceeds to come over with a bottle of vodka and tries to get hammered and party.

The whole night, he is cutting me off and talking to her more, flirting with her basically. His entire conversations usually revolve around girls he wants to fuck and he has no respect for who is in a relationship as he already tried to tuck with my wife’s sister when she’s engaged.

His discussions and behavior that night were aggressive and to me, pointed to being a person I couldn’t trust with my wife alone.

Since that night, I haven’t liked him and told my wife about it and she now realizes he’s toxic and a sexist creep.

Since then, last night and tonight, he has called her to come over or get us out of the house. She had to turn him down.

She’s frustrated because she was unaware of how men think, which I had to kind of be realistic with her about it - but also now, we have to make everything complicated since he is now right in the middle of everyone I want to see when I have free time.

I’ve already made it clear how I feel about drinking every weekend and don’t talk to him on a regular basis. But in his mind, we owe him our every Friday night and all of a sudden, he has the right to call and text my wife like they’re bosom buddies.

It would be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable to make it a big problem by confronting him or telling him he is unwelcome

But now, my wife is unhappy and lonely, I’m frustrated and feel like shit and feel like we’re almost going to have to be subjected to being around sexist drunk douchebags to have a social life.

I’m really worried that if I do binding magick to get him to fuck off somewhere else, it will impede on my workings elsewhere and cross my path up with negativity

But I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to harm anyone or cause him misery, but he’s making my life miserable and is too stupid to figure it all out on his own.

What would you do?

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Sounds like this guy wil burn through this social circle and make himself unwelcome in a hurry.

I’ve just recently got into Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield and have been impressed at the energy with the couple of techniques so far. It has a couple of appropriate workings for this situation, “A Ritual to Remove Somebody from your Life” look likely. So you might try that.

You could also hurry along the souring of his relationships with your other friends with things like Sour Jars or “To Disrupt a Relationship” also from Magickal Attack.


I mean… my wife is defending him and thinks it’s not worth to blow it this far out of proportion by excluding him

My point exactly, is that somehow, he’s been able to charm her, and though she isn’t saying it, is making me out to be a frump

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I forgot about Magickal Attack

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Hell, nah. Fuck.that.shit.

I’d say you’re just evening the score. He’s already made you miserable and shit. Why shouldn’t he get some misery in turn?

Sorry if this sounds flippant, but…So, what?

You could do a cord cutting on him and your wife. Just a thought.

Sounds like this dude’s got some boundary issues.

I kinda feel like getting Belial involved in helping you defend your boundaries would be a good call.


Exclude him before it turns worse … , seriously , these types of people will push a situation to the worst and not go away until forced

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Yeah, so I know this, and read Tarot. I’m intuitive. I know where this is headed. My life, my call, so he’s out!


I just don’t answer the door, if someone invites themselves over and I’m not interested. I actually had a friend that would come over once a week for months, but he’s the worst about gossip and trying to tell me how to live my life.

I stopped answering the door when he showed up. Eventually he stopped knocking, then very recently apologized, for coming across as if he were telling me what to do.

I understand that we as magicians want to handle everything magically, but if you can’t set up boundaries with mundane things, Idk. Normally a clear conversation is all you need, it failed for me in this instance, and I have a tendency to be very brunt and honest, so taking drastic action so he got the hint was how I felt I needed to handle it.

It’s your home and if you and your wife truly feel as you have stated, then I’d just tell the guy he’s not a fit and ask him to back off. It doesn’t sound like she’s on board for that however, based on her defending him.

You might want to have an open discussion with her about how he makes you feel uncomfortable, she might not be so defensive if she was aware of how it feels like he’s encroaching on our territory.

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I did and she gets it. It’s complicated and annoying.
So annoying that me and her fought over it tonight

So I did a binding on him and invoked Garadiel against him too. Too late for me

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I see. Well good luck, I’ve not used that ritual recommend but I’ve done things like sour jars to remove people out the lives of someone close to me and that’s worked, and I know other entities can end friendship and stuff so, I’m sure you’ll get it taken care of, one way or another.

I do recall seeing a ritual for ending a friendship/relationship without drama, but I can’t recall which book… I’ve got so many. I want to say it was maybe the 84 Genies of Power, but I won’t swear to it.

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It’s frustrating. I just don’t want to be bogged down with these things so a ritual is helpful atleast to express desire. I hope he fucks off though, Jesus already in between my wife and i

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I wouldn’t call anyone you just met a friend. he’s an acquaintance and label as that. when you label friends your screening security program gets turn off. It’s not good for safety. don’t let him get in between your marriage. cut him off. tell the truth to your other friends about his character not being your liking and that he’s agressively hitting on your wife and sister in law. Letting other friends know means protecting yourself just incase he starts to do some dangerous shit. You don’t need those kind of people in your life. You can find better.

Your wife shouldn’t be lonely. You can be there for her and be her best friend. A good marriage don’t need toxic people part of their life. you might need to educate your wife about safety and risk if she’s desperate to make friends of any kind just cuz it’s there.


Do a working to bring a new female love interest into his life so he becomes obsessed with her and leaves you & your wife the hell alone.


That is one of the next things I’m going to do.

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Thanks everyone for encouraging me to stand my ground.

I’m still thinking about the situation and am hurting, because somehow, this piece of shit has gotten my wife to actually argue with me about him. That alone should let her know that this is someone we don’t need to have in our lives.

So last night I called to Garadiel, then I bound him. Today, I’m going to do a 9 knot spell and then either I’ll make him sour his relationship to my other friends or I’ll make him fall in love with a new girl and lead him away from fixating on my wife and I.

So annoying

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And yes everyone knows what he’s like / how he thinks - but people here are highly tolerable to stupidity and will hang out with anyone basically.

I just moved back to this city after seven years when I had drug problems and negative influences around me. The first thing when I move back is the same kind of piece of shit that I don’t want around.

Now, I’m Witched. I have some influence. And he has tipped the scales negatively. So in order to gain the positive back, I have to do these rituals.

Such a crazy life to lead but I would rather do it this way than for this scenario to lead any further.

I feel a little evil :woman_supervillain:

Maybe you need new friends, people that value integrity and tradition and aren’t boundary pushing cucks.
I suggest the local gun club, and the gym, get some metal in your hands and remind yourself how good it is to be a man. Your wife will thank you.


Most definitely

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Ok here’s what I’d do. Prince romeo thinks he’s hot stuff right…

Take a candle…annoint it as him

And put it right in the freezer.

Let him chill for a few weeks or a month or so.

If he calls or texts. I’d just tell him flatly"“were not entertaining visitors now”.

I’ve used this method many times to deflate a problem personality in my life quite successfully.
You’re not hurting him, your protecting yourself and you’re interests.

I know other stronger bindings if this one isn’t to your liking. Just pm if you’re interested in knowing more.


I commenced with a freezer spell last night already and a knot spell today. But yes you’re right.

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