Ousting a toxic friend with binding

Awesome let us know how it goes.

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He has fucked off, everyone. But the people I would be friends with, he is always with. Which means my wife and I have to avoid the group of people.

I thought doing a sour jar would be heavy handed, but I am now beginning to understand that it would be nice to see these others with him totally fucked off. So now, I am going to do a sour jar against him so he is sent off completely.

Thanks again everyone

And to recount,

I did a freezer jar spell and a 9 knot spell invoking the Devil to bless the working and leaving him whiskey.


If you don’t want garbage in your life. don’t let garbage in your life. Any sign of toxic traits in people. I’m gone. i don’t need to stick around and let that energy attract more toxic people. Hang around good people and you attract good people. The energy that is created attract similar energy. So create good people energy so good people gets magnetized into your life.

if you don’t make good energy and get rid of bad energy, then bad energy will be force upon you. It’s your job to remove the bad.

I can assure you that those other friends that accept toxic people are the same inside. they are just better at hiding it or he’s not a friend but stranger acquaintance and they keep at distance. They also may have lesss of good opportunity in their life cuz of the bad energy. The fact they are around bad people says plenty about how their life situation is. No good people will hang around bad people unless they feel they can’t do better. So they too are settling. That don’t do good for their life improvement chances.


I know. So my idea, is somewhere, my energy has been fucked up. I’m responsible in the end, and now I have to correct the emotional currency that flows between myself and others.

Luckily, I’m a witch, and these people aren’t. So I’m not going to float downstream anymore.

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calling yourself a witch don’t mean anything. Action is where it’s at.


First get a restraining order.Next buy cameras around your house that record to catch him when he start back up again.It also help to take him to court for emotional trauma.

Block him from your phones and inform your friend group his not respecting your marriage and causing unwanted stress and desire not to be included when his there.

This will let you know if your friend group is all around toxic or enables. When he try to ignore all the warnings be sure to continue to record his actions to build a case against him.

Please get registered to own and use a hand gun for both you and your wife. But it’s super important to inform the police with evidence before it escalates high enough for violence. Cover your p&q.

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Agree with all! There’s a couple things like a restraining order I should have probably done much sooner. The cameras can also help you stand up for yourself should it ever escalate and become necessary I.e. by corroborating what you say (e.g. a he said/she said scenario). Personally I know I have a sometimes confusing sense of humor and aggressive sarcasm when I’m pissed (things I noticed a non toxic friend can pick up on and won’t exploit further)

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Well hello all.

I have had to return and do the same thing for another friend in the circle. Basically I’m having to completely cut from the past and everyone and everything in it. I’m clearing out these people with freezer, 9 knot spells and Magickal Attack spells.

Aside, I’m wearing Uvall talisman to attract new friends and invoking Halphas to help me create an air of respect and dignity also.

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Interesting! Personally going through some kind of crazy magical obstacle course of sorts. During a brief recent hospitalization (literally don’t have much memory 4/28-/51 or so, not to excuse whatever transpired) “ice” and someone saying “ice mission” or something weird like that whenever I felt like I was overheating with rage. Or boiling over in some way emotionally or mentally