Orias suprised me and REALLY delivered


Demons of Magick is indeed a great book. But I advise against using YHWV name with some demons, as for example Belial, since they doesn’t like it that much…


I’ll give you only one advice: stop putting stones over your magick. You’re always doing that.

If you doubt magick, then you don’t have the power to make things manifest. Stop doing that. Work yourself first if you need to and only when you’re strong enough, take the next step.

I told you by PM once and will tell you again: use the search function and you’ll find a lot of methods to improve your magickal skills. And when your “beliefs” are in check and when you know that magick literally happens without any “what ifs”, then you’re ready to do it.

If you do magick with this thinking you’ll just block it. Maybe it’ll manifest but the odds are against it, and you’ll probably waste your time.

Hope you understand.


Don’t say that about Subaru… I had one Impreza once and I miss it too much until today! :cry:


there is no curse on the copyright section of Gordon’s books instead a threat of legal action if right is breached. Are you scaring me with falsehood? though piracy isnt good stand condemned.


It’s on their website FAQ. I had an experience I’d have handled differently. If you can cleanse a book through your own power that might help. It may not even affect you but it was enough that I pay for thier books now


He’s telling the truth joherb. Here are some screenshots I took from the Q/A on their website.


not on the ‘book’. Not every one visits the website even if everyone does, not every gets to read the whole content. you still dont get this simple logic?


The Dunning-Kruger effect is beautiful sometimes… Full swing here too.

It really isn’t this hard… If you can’t comprehend “If:Then” forms of logic I wouldn’t be questioning others on it. I have a feeling you’re going to have a rather tough time with magick if this isn’t clicking.

They openly state they curse illegal downloads of their books. They publish said book. Therefore if you download the book illegally you inherit the effects of the curse.

What part of “it’s on the site, not the book” nullifies anything?

…does this make too much sense? I get the impression you’re not a native English speaker so if something is getting lost in translation thats one thing, but …this is really really really simple. I’d like to see you get the book, study it, use it well, and come back with a post about how great your experience was. I don’t encourage anyone needlessly hindering themselves and not knowing why because they feel like plainly stated conditions don’t apply to them.

Do what you will. Just know I highly recommend the advice I’ve given.

Fun fact: Gordon also put a coded curse “in the book” as an example when instructing how to use the cipher for Ritual 1. “Shrivel the genitals of those who steal from me.” Have fun!


Wow, @Norski, I love how Orias gave you a notification! That is the best! Thank you for sharing the wording, that is way more simple than I would have expected. Going to have to try now.


Definitely share how it goes! He’s great. Just be very sure you keep track of your offerings, even on throwaway rituals. It’s wise to maintain great relationships with these spirits


Thanks, @Norski, I will certainly do so and update as to how it goes.

Just a question - in the case of the ritual you conducted for the girl, the girl was already crazy about the woman who is now her fiancee. Love had to be induced in the now fiancee.

What if the strong love already exists and you want to hasten marriage and step up passion, desire and longing / obsession in one of the people? Let’s call the target person y and the caster person x. I’m thinking of wording it something like “person y can’t get enough of person x and ensures they are together permanently, always cherishing that time.” Is mentioning marriage explicitly too specific? Just not sure if it’s better to be really broad and trust Orias will know the objective, giving him freedom to run with it.


Go to YouTube or sacred texts for free spells. There are ton of free stuff out there to find.


I’d actually do separate rituals for each aspect of that. Gordon talks about not asking for two or more results in the ritual. Also, you want to give the magick some room to work in. If it’s too stifled it might take a ridiculously long time for “the result” to show up. If broken down different aspects can show up in different ways or altogether. Less is more in my experience with this. Adding in more than a few adjectives/quantifiers stifles the work. You could always evoke them and talk to them in depth but the phrase of the core request should be succinct