Operation blew up in my face immediately

I just started reading Winterfield’s Demons of Magic book. I was eager to try out the ‘keys of evocation’ using the sigil & triangle provided by the book. I was just about to catch a flight and quickly attempted to evoke Bathin for a swift and uninterrupted journey. I did not use the hierarchy, instead I quickly used my own method along with the sensory keys provided.

Fast forward 2 hours, my airplane breaks down and has to get repaired. I miss my connection. My bags get lost. And I’m currently stranded in fucking Baltimore.

I’m not sure exactly what caused my ritual to do the exact opposite of what I asked. It was either by using only PART of the system described, or the fact my ritual as rushed.

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Damn, that sucks… maybe Bathin was telling you that you shouldn’t go.

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Wow. Why don’t you use Ganesha, instead of a demon? did you use phylactery?

Yeah it’s really not a good idea to omit parts of a system until you’ve gained a familiarity with each element of the system and know what each part does.


I can think of two possible issues

  1. It could have been that you manifested your fear
    Just by feeling it was necessary to do a ritual for a smooth journey acknowledges to the universe that this i a possibility and that you’re expecting it.
    I would firmly will that I know it’s going to be a smooth journey and not call on entities for this type of thing.

Or 2) - and this is my what I think probably is more likely, is it’s the ritual space that’s the problem:
I think that in an airport, of all places, you get a high chance of interference by who-knows-what is floating around such a stressed and busy public space
I wouldn’t want to attract any tricksters or put out any ideas into that mess - as a frequent flyer for work, just feels like an unpredictable mix to me…

…or do the ritual at home in your temple since that’s a better controlled space.
…or work with a known entity you have an established relationship with who you can connect to without any crossed wires.
…or - I don’t even think about it and assume it will be normal. And so it is.

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Please, use the waiting time to conjure up Bathin again,
and ask for what went wrong / how you can fix it.

If Bathin doesn’t reply to you,
name-drop Lucifer,
and ask for him to look into the matter.

You should get at least an answer to what caused that specific issue,
and how you can avoid it in the future.

  • just techniqually speaking,
    it could have been your instinct actually telling of the upcoming issue,
    which made you conjure Bathin,
    and the cause you already got manifested for you,
    being a prevention of a much worse outcome.

But that’s me guessing.
Bathin holds the exact answers.



look that - ‘‘I just started reading Winterfield’s Demons of Magic book…’’

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