Opening Portals

So I’ve been practicing the the rituals in the program and I’ve realized that other spirits are entering my home. This is affecting my loved ones. It seams like a portal opens and my family gets sacred by what comes thru. How do I get rid of these unwanted spiris that are in my home??

Are your “loved ones” aware of your rituals and new hobby?

Yes. To some extent.

Blaze, have you been casting a protective circle before you practice magick? And are you sitting inside of the circle while practicing? I am asking because not casting a protective circle seems to be a common mistake amongst newer magicians because aside from wiccans and pagans, most other authors and magickal teachers seem to forget to mention the circle thing.

I know E.A. mentions the circle all the time but is it possible you have neglected to create one before pathworking? You don’t have to have an athame or wand on hand to create one, you can do this with your index and middle fingers held together and pointed at the floor like a make-believe wand. But I have heard quite a few people mention lately, that their magick is attracting unwanted spirits into their home. Not casting a circle can cause this, because the circle is there to protect you in multiple ways.

Not only can it be used if evoking a spirit into this world on a physical manifestation level (you sit in the circle so you are protected) but when first starting out with a black mirror or similar exercises, you can also build a circle just around the mirror so if anything unwanted somes thru, they will be contained within that circle until you can command them to go back to where they came from. Many adept magicians do not use a circle when working with a black mirror or scrying thru an opened portal but that’s because they know how to effectively banish anything unwanted that may come thru.

Upon reading all these posts lately about unwanted spirits, the first thing that came to mind is that maybe (maybe not you too but just a theory) some of these magicians are forgetting to cast a circle or neglecting to do so on purpose because they don’t realize the importance of the circle? What exactly are you doing in your home when you feel these unwanted presences arise or become active again? Is it just doing any type of magick in general that seems to attract them? Because magick alone is usually not enough to attract spirits from another plane into your home, normally if that happens, it’s because there are spirits that were already present in your home but lying dormant or maybe lingering nearby and the act of magick, and the energy that practicing magick creates, is attracting them to you.

Do the spirits frighten you, or only the others in your home?

I feel them but don’t really see them yet. I was doing the meditation exercises in the divination program and that’s when it all happened. I’m using the salt with water to banish. I’m also calling st. Michael for assistance. The circle was not mentioned in these exercises. Well as least not that I remember.

I don’t mean to sound condescending here, but ALWAYS cast a circle.

I don’t mean to sound condescending here, but ALWAYS cast a circle.[/quote]

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Ok. So I’m going to reiterate on my previous statement.
Not to argue with the who has been banned, but more for information for people who just simply may not know.
Again, not to be condescending to Blaze1.
Always cast a circle.
The circle’s symbolism goes farther beyond than that of a “fuckin’ shape yo”.
It represents the world, infinity, the universe (I think I remember hearing that at some point), life, not to mention how often it pops up in magic in some form or fashion.
When you perform a ritual, you’re quite literally piercing the veil between this world and the “unseen”. Casting a circle creates a barrier between you and what may be there in the “unseen” and when you close the circle, you close the portal you’ve created so that nothing can cross over and possibly cause you problems.
Some will say that a circle really doesn’t do a damn thing. I think this may very well be true depending on the level of what you’re interacting with and the kind of circle you cast.
I heard once that Crowly made a simple circle in the sand and this seemed to work until the demon he was conversing with broke it by kicking sand over it. Don’t know if this is the case but it reminds us that we can’t ever be too sure.
But just to be safe, Always cast a circle.
This several ways of doing this.
You can make one out of salt or even just imagine one around you.
I use a fairly effective circle that Konstantinos describes in his book Nocturnal Witchcraft. I don’t know if it jives well with what E.A. describes in his books (because I haven’t yet read any of his works) but its worth a try.

I didn’t read all the replys but the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram should suffice and remove all entity’s,well hide u from them at least. The only thing it won’t work on is shades and I pray your not dealing with any of them.
Good luck man.

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Nocturnal witchcraft and gothic grimoire were two of the first books I read on the darker aspects of magic.It made me happy to see that title