How do circles work?

Does Castisng a circle protect you from the unseen or create a portal to the spirit realm?

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Depends on your intent when you cast the circle. You can create a circle:

  1. as protection around you and bring entities into the room outside the circle, maybe in a triangle of manifestation… or
  2. you can cast a circle to bring the entity into while you stay outside, or
  3. you can cast a circle that is a focus to bring attention to you and is not about protection but enhancing the communication, as in E.A.'s Universal Circle. (Looks like the “Nocturnal Circle” mentioned above is this kind of circle.)
  4. Something else you make up that I didn’t think of yet

They are almost never intended as portals - the OP opened a portal without any circle.


…I see…so clearly as you mentioned I can cast a circle for the purpose of forcfully drawing parasites/spirits me and not from me

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No, a circle is more like a fence, to keep out new entities. If you want to get rid of existing attachments, use “cleansing techniques”… banish and cleanse… you have already been linked the spiritual hygiene thread, several times - this is what that’s for, use that to see how to banish and cleanse to get rid of parasites.

I didn’t say anything about a circle being forceful in any way. I said the Universal Circle can act as a focus, like putting a spotlight on you in the astral.

Also see the Parasites Tutorial Collection for more on specifically removing parasites.

Note: As this has become about circles not portals as per the OP, it’s off topic for that and I have moved it to its own topic. Please to not dilute topics by starting a completely different discussion than the OP, use the search and if you don’t find your answer feel free to open a brew topic. :+1:


The magician Rawn Clark stated in his book “A Bardon Companion” that a circle is “the representation of the Universe for the magician” and “every magician has/should have its own way to cast it.”

The circle act as a huge “cooking pot” in which you condense the energy and shape it to your will.

When the magic is done, the energy should leave the circle and either go to the universe or be placed somewhere else.

It won’t protect you if there’s something attracted on you when you cast it. It will create a “bubble” filled with your intent and power.


The “spiral” is more adapted to parasites than the circle :slightly_smiling_face:

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