Open question to all who work with angels

I have very little experience with angels personally. The last tine I evoked one (arch Angel Raphael and Micheal), they specifically told me not to work with them very often. Not that they didnt want me to, or that they didnt like me, but that it would not be beneficial for me to do so.

Given that I also know very little about them, I dont really understand why this is. You see, when someone says “dont”, I get really interested in that.

So my question is, what draws everyone to angels? Why did you, yes you, decide angels were who you wanted to work with? What is unique about their energy and how they act? It kinda feels like I have a big void of knowledge right here, and want to begin to understand it better.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I didnt see anything recent. I know this isnt exactly a “new” subject, but I am interested in peoples opinions. If, on the other hand, there is a thread for this, or good topics of discussion already, feel free to drop the link.


I was born surrounded by them. So they always came to me. My mother was told to name me in honor of Michael and most of my healing knowledge came from Raphael. Ariel has always been with me since I favored healing of animals over people. Though I do know some holistic and learning to become a master herbalist. But I work with both angels and fallen angels now.


In what way do you think angels are unique?

Angel’s are super duper RHP and by nature of who and what they are their job is to support anyone who needs it. Theyll come to the assistance of LHP mages sure, but it’s a tad harder for LHP entities to connect to an angel because Angel’s are based in RHP philosphy and application ( think individuality being LHP and collective/community being RHP). My guess is that they simply have better things to do than to help you.

Let’s say you want to learn levitation; no particular reason other than you want to for your own development. Are you going to ask a deamon who’s more of a 1 on 1 mentor and doesnt have busy schedule or are you going to ask an angel who’s already busy trying to fix and heal the massive amount of pain in the collective consciousness?
The angel is gonna say “no” because theyve got more important shit on their plate for the RHP than to teach a LHP mage how to do something. The deamon is LHP and will connect to you at the very least on that level and help you out because that deamon isnt busy with a bunch of RHP busywork.

Heres the general rule I’ve found:
Angels have a lot on their plate. If you can ask someone else to help you, especially if you’re LHP, you’ll get better results from entities less focused on RHP agenda.


Great response, plenty of stuff for me to think about there, thanks!


Curiosity. I did quite a pathworking with them this year. More than a month. I didn’t reach ALL the 72 Shem angels, nor the 42 angels of the name, but worked with some of both groups, according to their skillset and my overarching goal.

What do you mean? I didn’t say this.

I know you didnt say that, but I am asking; in what way are they unique? In your experience how do they differ from other types of spirits.

What would you say your most memorable experience with them was?

I may not be the right person to ask this, sorry.

Metatron. My method is visionary magick, so it is one instance where literally is everything in my head, since imagination is a key factor. Then it comes a point when I can’t fully control what I’m seeing.

But with metatron I didn’t imagine anything. I was sitting in my chairs, eyes closed, and I saw (or “saw”, not sure) a white thing-shape in the black of my eyelids. And felt it was the infinite.

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Interesting… I might try to contact Metatron…

Also, the above question was for Angelb sorry.

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Oh, I see! Jajaja don’t worry, mate.

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I choose the spirits I work with based on the job I wish to accomplish, which includes angels as well as demons, and other spirits/egregores. The only angel I have felt particularly drawn to in a general sense is Metatron, and that was only after feeling his presence in the DoM opening ritual and becoming fascinated. In general I have felt a stronger draw to certain demons than to certain angels.

They are each unique in their own way and the only commonality in their energy I’ve personally identified is they feel more celestial, and they feel kinda like they have traveled a great distance to be in your presence, whereas demons feel “closer” to the material plane. Again, just my own experience.

They differ on an individual level the same way demons do. Some feel more serious and businesslike (Mahashiah seemed this way to me), some feel stern and proud, some inspire awe, some are gentle and calming.


Yeah this in particular ive noticed… maybe ill just need to hit up Metatron get him to give me the scoop.

I would definitely recommend it. The way I see Metatron is kind of the embodiment of the framework through which raw, infinite source is filtered… having dominion over all possibilities and “timelines”, turning chaotic potential into material reality. Very awe-inspiring.


I’ve been working with angels for quite awhile. Particularly Raziel.


It was an inevitable progression on my end, as opposed to strictly choice. I haven’t work with angels as much as other spirits, but i will when my gut tells me to. As long as the tasks get done, I don’t really care what type of spirit I am working with at the time.


@NeoFightTheNyophite gave your topic a little tidy there, anyone who wants to continue the direction it took please go to Is or was Lilith an Angel or not? :+1:


Don’t some believe we have 2 or more personal/guardian angels. It would seem to me they aren’t too busy to teach like some big named angel. Supposedly, there are nigh infinite angels. Prolly the same for demons or spirits in general.


Past life stuff that got forcibly brought up and then the appearance of Michael to explain it and from there I actually really hated Michael but that’s because the memories brought up pissed me off lol but overtime I got over it and met with angels like Jophiel, Gabriel, Samael (who punched me in projection for coming unannounced) and the angel Sabbath.


I think too much of something is never a good thing. Angels, like demons, can see the bigger picture, so my guess is they looked at your current spiritual progression and determined that you cannot handle too much of their energies. They can be even more intense than demons sometimes.

I work with both angels and demons, mainly because I believe balance is a necessary thing, though I occasionally do intensive work with one or the other depending on my current goals.

I find their energy to be fierce, and fiery, like strong sunlight. I have also met an angel whose power was so overwhelming, I felt like I was going to suffocate (not all angels temper their presence, I found out later, after almost wetting myself in abject terror).

Demons, for me at least, tend to be less overwhelming, and more earthy. I find them to feel more human like, and angels to be more cosmic and almost alien (though they can and do act very human, their energy feels very universal and extradimensional to me).