Open Group Working ❤ Valentines Day Wishes Feb 14th 2022

Lots of people here have some work they would like to do around the subject of attracting love and romance.

In the spirit of the idea that when multiple people do a working together, the magick is multiplied, way more than just added, I propose a group working to be performed at any time of the day on Valentines Day, Feb 14th 2022.

Valentines Day is very commercialized, we know, but there’s a ton of energy in it to be harvested for the thrifty magick worker.
With many witches and mages all working at the same time to bring the power of love into our lives, it creates a bigger impact in the unseen than if we work separately.

Anyone can join, including those with account less than 90 days old, you are doing magick for yourself. You don’t even have to post that you are joining, just do it and join us in spirit. :smiley:


Note: as this is a group working, and as per the usual culture of group workings on BALG, please no arguments and derails against the wisdom of it. Good vibes only!

The purpose of the ritual is all about bringing love and romance or a new relationship, or harmonizing love and romance in an existing relationship in your life.
This is not about merely getting laid, or casual sexual relationships.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we are going all in for true love, hearts and flowers. It can be used to take a sexual relationship to the next level and help develop romantic feelings in a more casual partner, or attract the perfect person for you. If you already have working to this effect in place, add your intention that this adds into and supports your existing working energy.

You can do a simple candle ritual, work with a spirit, whatever works for you. Post about what you’ll do and maybe others looking for ideas can follow suit. :smiley:



Ideas for a love ritual:

A simple list of 5 workings with clear instructions, including the classic Hoodoo Honey Jar spell, these are for when you have a person in mind. If it be their will…

And when you don’t have a person in mind, you just want to attract the right person to you?
Try a salt bath:

I like the salt bath, but being a mage that works with entities, there’s also a list of entities that you can petition or use sigil magick for to ask them to help you:

  • Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of love, pleasure and procreation
  • Venus, Roman Goddess of love, fertility, prosperity

Some good preparatory immersion type info on Aphrodite and Venus as a Goddess and a planet here from occult author Christopher Penczak.

Goetic entities (Info from Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking):

  • Amon, can stimulate romantic feelings
  • Zepar, can help you attract love, and also influence someone you know to become romantically passionate
  • Sallos, can create passionate love from affection or mere attraction
  • Foras, can fascinate the jaded, to reattract a former love to be intrigued by you
  • Dantalion, attracting opportunities for new love

From the Book of Azazel by E.A. Koetting:

  • Fro’ghla’tash (search for him here) can fulfil intimate and emotional needs, calling into your life a love that can become a spouse or lover, from people you know or strangers from great distances.

Awe I love this!! :heart::heart:
I was planning on doing something while the bf is away at work to bring back a sort of passion we seemed to lose becoming parents and something to help us with the little arguments we’ve been finding ourselves in lately.
Great idea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awesome plan :innocent:

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Making a custom herb mix, but I’m a little new to making custom blends (i.e. without a recipe) so input for any changes would be appreciated (sorry it’s so long- I copied from a spreadsheet I use for herb stuff)

Blue vervain

Cleanse stagnant energy & auras of participants. To open psychic channels. Protects the practitioner against harmful influences, mental attacks and manipulative entities.

love, protection, purification, money, sleep, healing

Element- Earth; Planet- Venus; Astrological Sign- Capricorn; Chakra- 3rd eye


spirituality, success, healing, love, money drawing, protection, power, luck, strength, prosperity

Use in spell work for love, money, and success; enhance other herbs

Element- Air, fire; sun; Astrological Signs- Aries, Leo; Chakras- solar plexus, sacral


wealth, prosperity, love, spring/sun rituals, tranquility, money, divination, healing

burned in incense or added to sachets/pouches for love and to bring visions along with positive energy to any of your magical workings. It can also be used in incense for healing physically, mentally and spiritually. Coltsfoot can be brought into love workings to bring a lover back to you or sprinkle around the home to attract a new partner.

Element- Water, Planet- Venus, Astrological Sign- Gemini, Chakra- throat chakra;

Deer’s tongue

lust, psychic powers, love spells, sex magic, divination; communication, veracity (truth)

love spells, sex magic, divination; in conjure aimed at more typically Mercury tasks, like communication, helping marriages stick together (through increasing communication), convincing people of something, or compelling someone to speak the truth, all language connected tasks that would be under Mercury’s rulership.

Element- Fire, Planets- Mars, Mercury, Astrological Signs- Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Chakra- Throat chakra;


emotional strength, love; power, strength; can be used as an amulet to help connect with the higher self and trust its guiding wisdom.; counteract the effects of harmful spells, especially those that spin a web of illusory fantasies and lead to a loss of reality.; help to regain a grip and see things for what they are.

Element- Fire, Planets- Mars, Mercury, Astrological Sign- Virgo


traditionally associated with love, particularly those attracting lust and passion. flowers are good for divination and dream magick, can stimulate wisdom and help restore the soul. love, lust, divination, dreams; clairvoyance; symbol of Kali; love magick

Element- water; Planet- venus; Chakra- sacral chakra;


sleep, peace, cleansing, happiness, clarity, longevity, love, peace, protection, purification

tranquility; relaxation and purification, clarity and calm to mind, love spells, attraction spells, cleansing, healing and longevity, dream magic, divination; attract love; protection, sleep, peace, relaxation

Element- Air, Planets- Venus, Mercury, Astrological Signs- Gemini, Virgo; Chakra- crown;

Marshmallow Herb

sexuality, love, healing, fertility, nurturing, self understanding, protection and psychic powers; used for protection and to open the Third Eye

Element- water, Planet- Venus, Chakras- Root, 3rd eye


love, sexuality; romance; beauty and glamour magic; soothing; happiness, divination, protection, beauty, healing, luck, psychic powers; relationships, friendships; healing, domestic peace; divine love; luck; prophetic dreams about your true love

associated with deities Hathor, Hulda, Eros, Cupid, Demeter, Isis, Adonis, Harpocrates, Aurora

Element- water, Planet- Venus, Astrological Sign- Taurus, Chakras- sacral, heart


courage, healing, health, love, purification, psychic abilities

Elements- Water, Air; Planet- Venus; Astrological Signs- Taurus, cancer, Libra, Chakras- heart & 3rd eye


powerful aid in attracting money & good luck (particularly in business); a great aid for love spells; clear blockages; cut binding ties that prevent one from moving on; can help eliminate emotional waste that accumulates as garbage & is lugged around as a burden; helps one deal with & release emotions tied to problems of the past, anxieties, pain

Element- Air, Planet- Jupiter, Chakra- root chakra


I liked the idea!

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Wowzers totally haven’t been moving my life in the general direction of this workinvv😂 I’ll definitely be going over this when I can! As always @Mulberry you’re incredibly awesome! You are such a boon to this community :heart:

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My candle making stuff arrived early! I will put the herbs into red beeswax candles and dress them with some “come to me” oil I made a while ago for 2/14. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


this would be lovely :smiley: count me in


I so up for this! :heart_eyes:I started making a love/come to me oil on Friday during Venus’ hour as the Moon is waxing, however a couple of ingredients I needed didn’t arrive until yesterday so I was planning on adding them and using the oil in on the full moon, but I’m now thinking of doing the spell work tomorrow so I can get in on that valentines energy too! (the Moons energies will also compliment it too, I was thinking)

I’m probably going to make a spell jar, during Venus’ hour tomorrow on Valentine’s Day.

The oil I’m making has sweet almond oil, full moon water, cinnamon stick, rose petals, sugar and lavender in it, but tomorrow I’ll be able to add the red hibiscus and a small stone of rose quartz.

I’m going to use a green candle for Venus, with her symbol carved on to it which I’ll anoint with the oil, a planetary magick square of Venus which has my moon blood on it and I’m going to set it up next to my Moon altar (as it’s a Monday) My moon altar has silver pillar candles (anointed with eucalyptus oil) and clear quartz, moonstone and amethyst.

For the actual spell jar I’m going to anoint a pink or red candle with the love oil, write my petition in pink ink, fold it towards me 7 times and tie with red string (possibly using knot magic for extra energy)
In the jar I’ll add ground cinnamon, sugar, cinnamon stick, rose petals, red hibiscus, lavender and 7 drops of the love oil. Then I’ll add the petition and seal the jar with wax before burning the candle on top of the jar.

I’m going to use jasmine incense for the Moon and Sandalwood for Venus.
I’m going to make offerings of white flowers for the moon and red roses for Venus.
There’s a really nice sparkling rose that I’m going to pour for libation.

Sorry for the long comment, thanks for reading and Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow everyone :heart:


Sounds great :smiley:

I’m looking forward to the working as well!

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Happy Valentines Day to those who want it :blush:

May your dreams come true.



7 red and pink candles anointed with come to me oil. The 3rd picture is the candle I made. Had just enough wax
Something felt like I should call on Lilith, so I carved her sigil into two of the candles and BALG into the red taper candle and did the first ritual I opened the book to, which was the “Rite of the Seduction of the Virgin”
Happy Valentine’s❣️


Just woke up and lit a candle with the intention of making myself ready for love to come into my life, im excited to see what comes of it! Happy valentines day!