Online targets

I heard somewhere you can only do demonic work on an online target you have not met in real life
Is this true? And that hoodoo will not work?

online or not it doesn’t matter as long as you have a picture, text, or the likes of the target.


Dude, why should one work and another shouldn’t? Who spreads this crappy nonsense? Lmfao.

Carry on. If one will work, so will another.

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Is this the same target from any of these threads??

…the answer is going to be the same no matter how many ways you ask the question.


Sorry i should have written this in the same thread

You can definitely influence online targets. Ive only done chaos type voodoo/hoodoo workings and yeah they tend to be more powerful if you have hair of the target. Whether it’s the physical link, or because you put a great deal of time into making an effigy/doll of the target is up for debate though.

I did a working last night for someone on here. I’ve never met, using my own energy and Pele. I told them I would do it in a few days, but felt the time was right. They popped on to let me know they were feeling it and knew I had do t it early. That was a positive working, but it didn’t have to be. Nothing but this person’s username, first name and last initial of the other party. So, no, you don’t have to know or have met them.


Thats amazing results!

I will try it out

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I target and curse a lot of people that are hard to identify. The solution I came up with, so I’m not going after innocent people, is that I involve one or more Deities (Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, other, etc…) that can validate and verify a target for me (or groups of them), if I’m unsure. I honestly curse several people a month, usually more, so how can I do that without causing harm to innocent people that may have been framed or setup?


Not only can you ask them if it’s a valid target, you can present a situation and ask for a signature of who to really target. Get to the “root” of the problem, if you will.

Sometimes, I hear a situation where someone’s niece worked at a place where someone took advantage of a someone with mental troubles or a child. Very well, I take it to those entities I’ve built trust with and ask for a signature.

This signature is then transferred to a “triangle of manifestation” or similar to keep it in one spot while I do my thing(s).

You don’t need uber psychic abilities to find and target the right person. There are deities that will be more than willing to provide it.

And if you can’t do anything with the signature, that is still okay. Nothing stops any of us from petition based on a situation we can describe to take action using that mechanism.

Sometimes we must ask for a little help. But we are never powerless.


Amazing yes there seems to be a solution to problems
I thought maybe i could get a photo of the person and their full name and date of birth then do a basic candle / doll spell without demonic intervention and see if that worked on the individual

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Plenty of examples of that floating around, so you should find one that looks like a fit for your style and materials.

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I will for sure

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