Olympian Spirits and interactions with them

I’ve worked with the Olympian Spirits for quite a while now and find them to be very quiet with a subtle energy which even for me - very sensitive to changes in energy - can be hard to feel or know when they are near.
They seem to just appear, silently listen to my requests then disappear but they work incredibly quickly, much quicker than any other entity I’ve worked with.
No fuss, no nonsense…just get the job done!
I have a lot of respect for them but don’t feel I know them so was wondering how others have experienced working with them?


I personally love to work with the Olympic spirits, and I agree with you in their subtlety. I’ve read about some who work with them and many seem to personally identify them as being on a similar vibrational level as demons, in my experience they are a little different than that, they seem to be earthbound spirits with celestial qualities and getting to know the origins of their names I would consider them as a sort of terrestrial genius.

I do adhere to the original instructions given with them and and always call and dismiss them within their planetary hour on their planetary day. I also found on a personal level that they like their order and ranks acknowledged. Its a two week process to appeal or reappeal to them and it goes in their order of rank going up the latter, for example Monday for Phul, Wednesday for Ophiel, Friday for Hagith, Sunday for Och, Tuesday for Phaleg, Thursday for Bethor, and Saturday for Aratron. After one has gone before them in that particular order one may notice the connection to them stregnthen. Having gone through several initiations into mystery traditions, considering initiation is a death and rebirth process that is the reason why I would have to reappeal to them in their order.

Now granted this is what works for me, anyone is free to experiment with my method, however never let my or anyone elses words dictate your will, I would be very interested to hear other peoples experiences as well as methods concerning these spirits.

Personally Ive also found that they wont just fulfil requests of a magician but also help a magician redirect their mindset so that they refine the desires of the magician to accomplish the will of the magus most beneficially as well.

Thank you for this post @Amber. This is very cool. And again I totally agree with you. They are very subtle, very quiet, and very quick.


Thank you so much @PaterOctavius888 for sharing your experience with me, it’s lovely to know that another enjoys working with them and senses their energy in a similar way.

(I’m not one for following instructions per se - am more a ‘let’s give a whirl’ ad hoc type person) but I might give your method a go, as I’m interested in developing my relationship with these Spirits.

You are very welcome! Thank you again for replying.


I remember the good old days of having to calculate the planetary hours myself by timing the moment the Sun’s light would hit the ground in front of me, and then I would use an almanac as well. And here we are living in the future with all these neat tools at our fingertips.

I’ll just leave this handy dandy tool right here :grin:


My favorite is Athena…


Think there’s been a bit of confusion…Athena is an Olympian Deity. One of twelve greek gods.

The Olympian Spirits I am referring to are the 7 Planetary Olympic Spirits.


Is Apollo one?


Nope! Again he’s one of the 12 Greek Gods.

The seven Olypmpian Spirits are: Arathron, Bethor, Phaleg, Och, Hagith, Ophiel and Phul.


Oh. So they aren’t the gods of Olympus


They are completely seperate and linked to each of the planets in our solar system.
They are pretty amazing to work with, even tho it would appear a little less known than the Gods of Olympia.


I’ve only evoked two of the Olympic spirits, Och and Aratron, as part of my 5 Spirits Q & A a couple of years ago.

i had difficulty connecting to Och but Aratron came through.


Did you have any dialogue with either of them?
If you don’t mind telling me, what was the difference between the two experiences? Was it obvious immediately that there was no connection with Och?
Was it only after Aratron came through for you that you knew he had been there listening and happy to work with you?
Not just being nosy, I am genuinely interested in how others have experienced these Spirits as I’m fascinated by them.

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Yes. I talked with both. I detailed my experience here:

I’m not sure, but I think my difficulty in connecting with Och was because I did it in the middle of the day and until that point I had done them all at night so it was harder to “get in the mood” so to speak due to the conditioning.


Brillant! Thank you.

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Why are you fucking with her lmao goofy

I wasn’t :joy:


I worked with Athena in my younger years and I never had a problem. Mostly for Protection.


That’s nice to know tho again…she’s a Greek God not an Olympian Spirit :roll_eyes:


I’ll throw this here since I see many are confused

Not to be confused with the term: “Olympic Spirit


Much appreciated altho not sure it, like my posts stating the difference will be read heavy sigh :smirk:

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