Offering your virginity

People on the forum had been getting imposter spirits show up, and some magicians have enncountered spells working very slowly or not at all, possibly due to Mercury retrograde:

Should be clear by the middle of next week.


Yeah I had a strange experience last night of my own doing an invocation. I heard a voice say "We’re going to take Alaina. " who is my 4 year daughter and I knew it was NOT who I had called. Freaked me out to say the least.


I put some banishing methods here, some people outside the forum also picked up some strange stuff, these worked for those as well:


Thanks. I have a few of my own I use as well. I banished his sinister ass back to where ever he came from.


I would talk to both of them and see which one you click with more. Not every spirit will take a personal interest in you.

From my experiences Belial is more direct, very teasing and crudely humorous on occasion. He will push you, sometimes hard. Not saying he can’t be gentle or take an interest in a person, because he has surprised me more than once in that regard. I can feel him working in my life and he lets me know he is around frequently. That said to my knowledge we are not beasties or cuddly buddies.

The first time I called him I didn’t feel much, but I used my tarrot cards and got a comforting message. From what I understand that can be common with him. Likes to hold back and observe until you prove committed. The stories on here are great. But if you’ve never checked her out look up Indigo Priestess on YouTube. She has a mentor relationship with both him and Lucifer, you get a different view on both. Belial can be as much loving protective father, as he can hard assed business man, or rakish ladies man.

Bael comes across quite warm with a lot of a Prince charming like vibe. A mix between a caring grandfather and man who might woo you with poetry or a sweet ballad. Likes to let me know he’s around as well and occasionally I get unmistakable call me signs. Very patient from what I’ve seen. Loves dropping little puzzles on ancient history, that lead me back to him and make me smile. Came very strongly the first time I called him.

Communicated with song lyrics and words popping into my head. At the time I was much less developed so that was an achievement. Depending on how you react to energy when they come that strongly it feels really good. I kept apologizing because not moaning from things was hard. Yet to figure out whether that lust aura is intentional or default yet.

Lucifer seems great all around. Always let’s me know he’s there, and is extremely quick to give answers most of the time. I don’t really have to call him most of the time. Answers just start coming in different forms. They lead to way more questions of course, but I think it’s awesome. Warm, comforting, and patient, but will push you hard as a mentor if called for.

There are many others who are also incredible to work with. Asmoday has been my rock, and I cannot recommend him enough. He will push you, but won’t break you. Very warm and loving/flirtatious, better with emotions and human melt downs than the text would lead you to believe. Another who does not like to share, if you commit to him as your lover/mentor and promise no humans, make sure you keep your word.

Lilith is incredible in so many ways. I asked her for help with things that are very hard for me. She’s never let me down or failed to help me realize I’m stronger than I thought I was. Researching her lead me down this road and I never regret a moment of it.

Take your time, let your intuition work. While great and mentioned constantly on the forum, Lucifer, Belial, Azazel, and King Paimon, aren’t the only spirits worth a pact or mentorship with.


When you interact with a demonic king, like Lord Belial, you just know that it’s him. Your inner self knows. That’s the best way I can describe it. If you’re using a sigil, you’ll be fine.

When I officially started my path about 6 years ago, I was open to the entire experience involving demons. Entire experience. Rogues and all, even if they truly wanted to harm me.

I was initiated by a powerful demon; I still don’t know his name to this day. I have my theories though. Shortly afterwards, Lord Belial and Lord Asmodeus approached me. My path was clear to me.

After those experiences, I dove straight into my path, no fear. I committed and embraced the experience regardless of the many factors. I sought to know and experience demons on the deepest level I could experience. I have a deep sense of: I belong with the demons and I accept them as they are. Come what may, I accept and embrace it.

The point: Commitment, resolve, openness, fearlessness, acceptance.

My suggestion to you would be: Do not be fearful. For me, there is no “good” or “bad” experience; It is simply experience.

Over time, as you interact more and more with demons, you will be able to discern between the different types of demons and the way they feel. At least, that’s how it was for me.

I actually have several different types of intimate relationships with Lord Belial. They go beyond friendship.

:point_up: Also, consider this.


This. :point_up:️ You just know, the way you know any real truth. When I have visitors in my home (daemons) even if I’ve never “met” them, I just know.


Think about what traits in people you are romantically and sexually attracted to. Be very honest about it to yourself. Spirits will take certain forms to try to please you but if its something you hide for yourself you might deny the experience and be unable to enjoy it or run away. For example you like to be tied up but its not something you got to do in the physical world because you never found anyone you trusted to do it.

Belial represents repressed desire. Finding out what you desire, allowing yourself to experience it, accepting that part of yourself and rise above it and not let it control you. I was raised that sex is just something a woman is obligated to give/do for a man and not really supposed to enjoy. So I had a lot of work to do.So in my case Belial was someone I chose would be the best to enter a sexual relationship with.

Lucifer is known to be very loving and romantic and considerate. So for example someone who has never had that kind of relationship or has been hurt a lot could benefit from a relationship from him.


Very, very much so. He gave me everything a person never did. He is lovely.


This has been my experience with Asmoday. Very loving and considerate, lots of sweet touches even when being sexual. I’ve been touched by others, but they don’t seem too hung up on letting me know who they are. I could guess based on what it was like, but it’s difficult when moods shift. If an Incubus or Succubus is your thing, many are very powerful and willing to teach a lot. Their knowledge goes far beyond sexual matters, into healing and psychology, physiology etc. Depending on what was asked for they are very devoted and romantic and usually with you 24/7. Where as the more known demons will drop in and out frequently ranging from a few hours to a few days. Even when that occurs though, if there is a built relationship you will always know they are close by.


That’s much like Lucifer. He’s interested in what I like and fulfilling my desires. Those things I was lacking were the things he paid most attention to. Never having had a deep and soulful connection sexually, it was a challenge to open up that way but it unlocked a whole different level of love for me. It’s not so much the destination but the journey there he puts emphasis on.

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Not to minimize hee idea, but unless you plan on becoming a nun or choose a sexless existence otherwise, a couple decades down the road it won’t be a concern.

Thank you so much guys! You helped me out a LOT!! I checked everything and everyone out you recommended and I think I would definitely want to work with lucifer, but not now. I will do it when I feel ready and so on. But still thanks so much!

So for the report I did meditate a little on Belial’s sigil and I have the feeling he watches me a lot. During the last days I experienced quite a lot poltergeist activity and I wake up at 2 or 4 a.m (nearly every night since I made up my mind about Belial). That kinda scared me at first because it sounded like really heavy stuff felt from cupboards or something like that so I put up some heavy barriers, which protect me from beings that want to harm me. @Lady_Eva thanks, I tried the banishing method with these “selfmade” soldiers and it worked pretty well!

One night I was so annoyed of them because, anybody who dares try and steal my sleep or wake me up better runs for his/her life, so I made these many different, huge barriers, 4 big muscly soldiers and even called fire, earth and water into it to strengthen everything. I programmed them to keep anything that wants to harm me outside and to destroy it if they try to come through. Fire and earth did a really good job - first burning it then dragging it deep into earth with plant-tentacles… tbh it kinda made fun to destroy these bad things worst way possible :smiling_imp:

And as I finished I felt really save and everything and then I had this vision of Belial entering my barriers and going past my soldiers in fighting stance till he was standing besides me. I was kinda already sleeping again so I can’t exactly remember what he said to me but he patted my head and said something like “well done, didn’t expect that from you”.

So about this poltergeist activity and waking up at strange hours, since they are pretty fucking annoying, will they be gone in some time? Have you had similar experiences?

And also I did make a little agreement between Belial, Bael and me which is basically; if you help me with my finals I know you want to 1. Work with me seriously, 2. You don’t want to harm me and 3. you can/want to help me with my (small) earthly problems. In return I promise to believe in you at all times (if something occurs I will not try to explain it in anyway) and I will try to make contact with you (through evokation/invokation, making pacts in the future etc) and don’t have to fear anything while doing so.
When I told my mother, she said that it sounds to her like blackmail but I didn’t had that feeling at all while making it and Bael himself told me he wanted to be included too (first I only had this with Belial). Do you all think so too? If they didn’t reacted angry/gave me a bad fweling about this, they are fine with that and don’t see it as an insult right? I mean if I did recieved a bad feeling about this I wouldn’t have done that !

What do you mean by that? What won’t be a concern? I don’t want to make a marriage pact if that was what you were thinking, I want to give my virginity as an offering for a pact to strengthen it and strengthen the relationship with this particular demon. I will not make a contract where I sign my abstinence just because I had my first time sex with this demon. Of course, if the sex was awesome I will have more sex with demons than just once but that’s on another agenda. :grin:

Oh and I forgot something: many said that you should not start with a king as a first demon and especially not a gatekeeper. But I think he wants to work with me and I really have the desire to listen to him. As long as I follow his instructions I should be fine right? I am definitely not just searching an adventure or something and I really want to learn… should I consider something important while working with him? And what would be different if I worked with someone of a lower rank exept the “power”?


If you feel like a spirit has been there and has taken an interest in you I think it’s worth persuing. They usually see some potential in you and some benefit in working with you. Like a talent scout at a sports game. Each scout may represent a different team you could play for with its own benefits and drawbacks. But there is no harm in listening to what they have to offer.

I think the danger that is mentioned is just going around summoning gatekeepers and kings without doing any research and considering what you are getting into. The first demons that appeared to me were high level so I can’t comment personally on what its like low vs high level. This is just my observation but higher level demons have more of an interest in the ascent of humanity as a whole. While their legions and demons below them are more task oriented, loyalty to their superiors etc. Think of the mindset of an office worker vs a CEO if that helps.


This is so helpful and resonates with my experience with both. <3

I never thought a virginity as some object like you can even offer, and I think you’re still a virgin until you fuck an actual human

As you reminded me of this thread I’m gonna give you an update:
As many things here nothing worked as I had planned it, but I lost my virginity to a demon (best day eveeeer) and it was such a nice experience… although it was not based on a contract and there were just our vague promises of the future to each other.

But yeah it is definitely something you can offer in any way you’re comfortable with. I did offer both virginities (first astral of this life and physical first) to the same deity and still regret nothing ^^

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Wait so the demon possesses someone then you fuck?

Satan said he was honored. Now he won’t leave me be. Be careful about who you choose. Or who chooses you.

He chose me. I’m pretty damn sure about that. I come from a magickal family. Very old-school. He showed up sexy and reeking of pure sex. What was I supposed to do?

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