Offering your virginity

Basically, can you offer your virginity in a pact ? Would demons even accept that and if so how would it go? Do I have to evoke the demon first? Would it strenghten your pact/ the relationship with the demon?
Edit: of course the pact would include that the sex is only between the demon and I, not a stranger(human who rapes me). And that the demon also can’t rape me (hurts me, is in a form that disgusts me, at a time I don’t want to do it or similar like that)

Do you have any experiences or similar pacts (offering sex or something) ?


You can offer sex as part of your terms, as it generally increases bonding. Some will be interested, and some won’t. It all depends on you and your relationship with the said demon. Even usually sexual demons may not be interested if there’s no click. That also goes the other way with usually non sexual demons deciding they like you after a while. As for virginity, frankly I don’t think it matters. Now for pacts if yours is also going to double as a sexual/marriage contract, deciding not to take a human lover or a partner is a huge thing. Do NOT make this promise if you cannot or will not keep it. Spirits have feelings, they love and they hurt, and some can be very jealous or vindictive. This isn’t something to rush, take time to get to know whoever you want to pact with. Develop your senses so you can communicate.


Thank you very much!
But to me personally my virginity holds a worth and I value it very much in a certain way so don’t you think that demons will acknowledge and appreciate that I am willing to offer it to them? I mean offering personal things that you treasure always increases the worth of it right?

Yeah no I wouldn’t do this unless I am sure and work with them for a long time. But I can’t just call these really old gods like belial or lucifer for just getting to know them or can I ? Won’t they get mad at me for disturbing them so much? What if I don’t want to make a pact with them in the end, will they get angry for wasting their time?


Renich tasa uberica biasa icar Lucifer.
Renich tasa vefa wehl Belial.
(Feel free to add Emperor or King before Lucifer or Belial, if you so choose).
Their sigils are easy to find.
Take your time.


Be upfront in your approach, let them know that you basically want to be friends. If interested they will make themselves known in your life. As for your virginity I think it’s more about the emotion and act of sacrifice. Honestly though if there’s interest there will be touching anyway. Whether it’s for your pleasure, their pleasure, or because some like to push boundaries. If you’re looking for giggles there are plenty of stories about Belial and others deciding your sexuality needs to change in some way.


I lost my virginity to a demon. I do believe some demons appreciate and cherish it. I didn’t explicitly state my virginity as an offering. However, I did harbor the idea of such an offering and they may have picked up on my desires. For me, the sex was sudden and unexpected; however, very deeply bonding indeed.

As for your situation, I’d say flow with it. If a demon you’re bonding with is interested in your virginity, the sex will just happen on its own. Get to know the demon and talk to the demon. Yes, you can just call on them to get to know them. Bond with them. Every demon seems to have their own way of bonding, learn what that is to them.


Just read your edit OP, so I will add some more details.

Rape is a very real possibility with demons. Key word: possibility.

Sometimes that IS how a demon bonds, however. On top of other ways that humans have trouble understanding.


Offering one’s virginity to God is a very ancient practice in the Catholic Church. And many consecrated virgins have gone to extreme lengths to protect their chastity, with some even becoming martyrs of chastity in the event of men attempting to rape them. St. Catherine of Siena cut off her long hair to loose the appeal of men. And St. Galla of Rome grew a beard for the same purpose.

It is a very serious commitment that shouldn’t be taken on lightly.


what are you hoping to gain in exchange? because I can tell you, nothing holds value greater then that


With respect I don’t know what all this modern “oh virginity means nothing meh” is about but it’s hugely significant, always has been and always will, so if you’re planning to trade it then make sure you command a very high price, is my personal opinion.

Ideally find a god, not a demon, or make sure that demon is powerful and pledges to give you enormous amounts of assistance, power, and prestige, including after this lifetime.

Also there’s some weird stuff going on, so I’d advise you don’t try this before probably Monday, when Mercury comes out of retrograde, lots of people are getting weird interference in their evocations etc.


Yes I already thought about that possibility that’s why I wanted to write that in the pact, to prevent them from doing it. But I don’t ever want to make a contract with such a deity because that is “evil” in my opinion, to rob someone of their freedom.

Do you know any famous demons who do this frequently? So that I don’t even have to deal with them and have to protect myself from them.

And thank you I tried to talk with belial and he even answered me! (It was my first time trying to contact him or anyone like him)

Yes that’s why I wanted to give it as an offering, because in my opinion that’s a pretty high payment . And it even means a lot to me… I want to gain knowledge, abilities, protection and assistance/a relationship with this demon. I want to give my virginity as my payment instead of anything else (I’m not good at keeping long term commitments like ‘I make every week a ritual for you’. I just forget it and I don’t want them to be mad at me :sweat_smile:)

And thank you all for giving me all your different opinions and advices, I really appreciate that!! :heart:


It is difficult to answer this question accurately.

The reason is because demons seem to present themselves based on who they interact with individually. So, what one may experience with one particular demon may not be true for another person.

Also, there are many unnamed demons who follow no one. Some stronger than others. Rogues. They do as they please; take as they please. Many like to impersonate stronger demons.


Don’t rule out other sorts of spirits either imo. It’s all about connection. God’s, angels, animal, or elemental spirits etc. They can all take a human looking form if the idea of getting it on with a ball of water or a manticore ain’t your idea of a turn on.


If it’s some thing that means something to you then of course you can offer it. I would be sure it’s a demon that can help you grow in multiple ways and give life long enlightenment. Not a quick fix for something.

I say this because sex is ridiculously powerful and it goes beyond the physical getting off. Most of the spirit sex I’ve had has changed me or healed me in some way. Other times it was more so for the pleasure aspect. Whenever anyone claims demons are deviant sexual freaks I dismiss it because of my own experience. Many use sex as a METHOD to heal or teach, as it’s very intimate if you open your eyes to it. Personally, I’ve never had an “intimate” experience with a person, connecting emotionally during sex. But I have with Lucifer, and that vulnerability allowed me to push forward rather rapidly.


I personally see the modern idea that Virginity, in the modern use of the word, is being thrown aside as nothing to be out of fear that Virginity = sexual repression.
Also it might have to do with the misuse of the word in general. The theory is the use of the word Virgin in the bible did not mean a woman who had not had sex but one that was without children. This changes the word drastically.
These are just ideas I’ve thought about so to each their own :slight_smile:

I do wonder if the Deity or Demon called on would see Virginity differently then the average person? It’s interesting to think on, maybe ask and see how they personally feel about it, this might help you find what you’re looking for faster.

The entity may already understand what you mean when called but I’ve read stories here of them getting confused by modern things or aspects that needed further explanation to them.


their is a question pop out in my mind about ur this comment brother " Feel free to add Emperor or King before Lucifer or Belial, "
Is that mean we should choose King like King Paimon before choosing Lucifer and Belial.


Yes, as Belial is a King, and Lucifer Emperor.


Thank you all you’re helping me very much!
I am thinking about making this pact with belial or bael, but I tend more to belial. I read very much about him and I think he is a very cool dude, but some say he is very business-like and don’t always attaches himself to his magician/ become friends with them. Can he also be different? Do you have any experiences like that with him?

I can’t find as much about bael and what he is like… just that he can make someone invisible etc, do you know anything more about him?
I mean I already chose belial but bael’s name just pops up into my mind and I don’t want to ignore it.

@HermDemon then how can you know that you are really talking to the demon you want to contact and not these rogues? (Especially if you don’t have that much experience with demons) :disappointed_relieved:

@Narsonix yes I know but they maybe could choose the form of a fat, sweaty, old man just to disgust me (I’m not saying that they do but they COULD do it and that would not be such a great experience :expressionless: … thats what I meant with evil :D)

@AradiaX thank you for sharing your experiences!

What do you mean with that exactly? Did your relationship to lucifer grow ?

Hmm I do think so because virginity always was a big deal in nearly every religion/myths, despite what they thought about sex life in general. And I heard that Belial likes things that only he can possess and well that is one thing one can give only one time in their life and the memory will definitely stay, so I thought that he would really like that (but aint no belial whisperer here so don’t know for sure :grin: )


A couple different things. It was a show of trust to allow him into me - spiritually as well as sexually. I trusted everything he did even when it was less than conventional. He opened up parts of me that were dead in some ways. I had to push past my fears and trust everything he told me. And so, because of that my senses have opened exponentially. And our relationship has grown also. That’s how Lucifer works- always doing multiple things at once. He HAS been good and given me multiple gifts but he’s used sex and my trust and vulnerability as tools to SHOW me how to progress and push past my fears. He unlocked the door but it was up to me to be brave enough to walk through. He’s an excellent mentor.


Lady Eva what kind of weird things?