Offering Channelings

I’ll go with same question as virago.

I get the feeling that you’re sort of searching for answers but don’t know where to go.

I think that you should remove all the preconceptions and just talk to Source. Just open your mind and just sit there can channel something from Source about your own particular situation.

The spirit guides are saying similar things, but they want you to focus on your own particular identity because removing the cobwebs surrounding that will make everything a lot easier.

That’s all I get.

Thanks so much for this. Much appreciated

I’ll request for second channeling?

One more, then I’m done for the day. I will leave the thread open until I feel like I want to get back to it.

I’ve been trying to work with bune for very long time. Without any success story. Maybe bune has something to tell me. Channel for me that

Money magick is difficult, because there are many variables involved and the money you’re seeking can either come fast, in bursts, or gradually, developing your career and assets.

I would try to link yourself with currents and energies of wealth and allowing it to flow. You’ll be directed through intuition, heart, and signs what to do. Other than that, Bune wants to tell you that you’ll be provided for.

It’s just a matter of leveraging what you can do and wait until it manifests. Don’t place restrictions, but just know that the magick will work.

I’ll elaborate.

It is possible to see fast results. That may not always happen. If there’s a career path or job you need to take or something else, work on that and allow it to flow.

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Hi,i wonder if the spirits around me have a message for me?Thanks in advance.

Last year, I challenged Grimory for the first time on a case in which I asked for his help.
The result was amazing! But I still have doubts whether this is really his help or an accident?
Also, I wanted to know if Grimory gifts should be brought for that help?

I’ve been working with Buer,Marbas and Raphael on some health issues and wondering if they have any messages for me regarding this? Thanks in advance

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  • Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

  • What are your areas of interest?

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Can u channel message from asmodeus for me
I want know if he’s willing to work wit me for a goal i have in my mind😃

Thanks for doing this @Eplilon_The_imperial, could I ask for the same question as Virago if you feel up for it? :+1:

hi! i was wondering are there any messages from Lucifer for me?
thank you!

hello.i would like to ask,if is it any spirit that trying to approach me.thank you.

Hey @Epsilon_The_Imperial can I get a message from Bune and Baal if possible

Alright. I think that’s enough for now.

I’m gonna ask the mods to close this thread and by tomorrow I’ll have done all the readings for people.


I have recently sent petitions to multiple demons. Can you share with me any message Leraje or Dantalion has for me?

You’re the last one.

That’s it.

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