Occult movie recommendations!

What are your top 3 Occult related movies?
What movie explores the theme realistically?


Almost none of them explore it realistically, to be perfectly honest.

But I did find Hellboy to be fun (not sure if that counts).


I’m sure there would be a few out there that explore it realistically.

The Last Witch Hunter 2015 - Vin Diesel

The problem is most come at the occult from a heavy Christian angle.

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Devil’s advocate
Lucifer tv show


Constantine - the movie.


A Dark Song (2016)
Night of the Demon (1957) (American title Curse of the Demon)
Night of the Eagle (1962)

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I liked that movie! Lots of Hollywood razzle-dazzle still but some good stuff too

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This will sound weird because it is not at first blush an occult movie - but “The Apostle” with Robert Duvall. With sheer will he reinvents himself and creates a small church of believers.

The movie fallen has something to do with azazel. I havent seen it but ive seen a trailer. Denzel Washington plays the main role.

The show “Requiem” is pretty enjoyable, if a bit dragging at times. I won’t spoil things, but the plot is fairly accurate when it comes to occult things. It’s not explicitly featured much, but there are weird moments and synchronicities, and overall the narrative has a sort of “spiritual journey” feel to it, very mysterious with things unfolding throughout the show until the big reveal.

Simon: King of the Witches is a very realistic look at someone who is an adapt, and his struggles to walk his path in modern society.

Taboo is another soild pick if you are looking for more realistic/less over the top portrayals of magic and the occult.

Lastly, the Holy Mountain is occult based, but very much looks like someone wrote down their psychedelic trip.


My favorite magickal movie of all time is “Merlin”, which was made in 1998, starring Sam Niel, Miranda Richardson, Helena Bonham Carter, Isabella Rosellini, and Martin Short. Although it is about a legendary time, the magick as depicted rings true, as do the spirits, magicians, and magickal outcomes.


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I just watched one called “A Dark Song”.

It was mostly about what a lot of work ritual magick can be. It was in the “Horror” section, because at the very end there are a couple of “scarey” looking humans before she meets the God.

I think she was attempting to reach her HGA, like Crowley did in Scotland. But that is just a guess, I am going to stop commenting now because I don’t know enough to add anythign of value beyond that.

It isn’t a “Horror” movie like what you would expect. There is a little suspense occassionally, than the “painted body humans” but there are not blood and guts. No lingerie clad women.

It is just about how demanding this ritual is. and about here change of heart - from vengence to forgiveness because of the ritual

There is a biography on Alister Crowley called 666 The Beast on Amazon Prime you can watch, but it is a documentary type show. I thought it was pretty good.

These are all I can think of at present. Some are simply imagery of the demonic or show a few scenes of those in worship. But they all have that flavor that I look for in a movie. I prefer it when the bad guy wins. But finding those is difficult. Not impossible but time consuming. I hope you like my list.

Eli Eli (2019) - IMDb

The Eighteenth Angel The Eighteenth Angel (1997) - IMDb

Fallen Fallen (1998) - IMDb

Starry Eyes Starry Eyes (2014) - IMDb

Last Shift Last Shift (2014) - IMDb

The Void The Void (2016) - IMDb

Exorcismus Exorcismus (2010) - IMDb

The Veil The Veil (2016) - IMDb

Mercy Mercy (2014) - IMDb

Satanic Satanic (2016) - IMDb

Asmodexia Asmodexia (2014) - IMDb

The Possession Of Michael King The Possession of Michael King (2014) - IMDb

The Ninth Gate The Ninth Gate (1999) - IMDb

The Skeleton Key The Skeleton Key (2005) - IMDb

Chambers Chambers (TV Series 2019) - IMDb

Let Us Prey Let Us Prey (2014) - IMDb

The Dorm The Dorm (TV Movie 2014) - IMDb

The Vatican Tapes The Vatican Tapes (2015) - IMDb

Nothing Left To Fear Nothing Left to Fear (2013) - IMDb

Contracted Contracted (2013) - IMDb

Contracted Part Two Contracted: Phase II (2015) - IMDb

The Lords Of Salem The Lords of Salem (2012) - IMDb

Constantine Constantine (2005) - IMDb

The Devils Advocate The Devil's Advocate (1997) - IMDb

The Shrine The Shrine (2010) - IMDb

The Omen The Omen (1976) - IMDb

This speech was so well done by Sam Neill in the Final Conflict. Slay the Nazarene - YouTube

The Exorcist The Exorcist (1973) - IMDb

Rosemary’s Baby Rosemary's Baby (1968) - IMDb


The Box left me unsatisfied. Perhaps its more sci-fi than occult.

A Dark Song - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Midnight - YouTube A dark song is INTENSE! also the remake of suspiria is good too Suspiria - Official Trailer | Amazon Studios - YouTube

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Satanic Panic (2019) looks alright, saw the trailer and thought it was hilarious