Numerology and the left hand path

Numerology and the left side.

Yes yes
So wecall see numbers anf if you google search everywhere its

  1. What the angle number means or
  2. What the bible says
  3. Whatcsome other rhp dogma is for the meaning of it.

Join in in coming up with non bullshit non R H P answers.


It may not be exactly what you mean, but Crowley’s sepher sephiroth could maybe give you something to start of.
It is Gematria and Hebrew but that shouldn’t stop you from using it for your purposes.

The number 9 gives:

*ventriloquus: the special fire of black magic, whence Obi, Obeah
He kindled
A garment
Became powerful, grew high

I’m sure you like at least 1 of those attributes of the number Morgana9

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