After performing the 1st Lesson of the First Flame the other night, I went straight to bed and was drifting off to sleep (and almost fully in theta), when I heard loud whispering right next to my left ear. I tried to make out some of the words but it was difficult, it seemed jumbled some how. The only clear answer I got was when I asked what the spirits name was. It answered “Nox”. Aside from the fact that I know Nox is Latin for night/dark, I’m kind of at a loss.

Anyone had any association with this entity?

One things for sure. It was definitely demonic, felt like an ally and was eager to communicate with me.

I wanted to report that I have been getting a manifestation of a dark “shadow person” hanging around whilst doing this excercise. He sort hang around in the corners of the room at first accossionally moving right up close to me (what a creeper). Initially I ignored “him” to focus on the excercie but decided I would initiate some conversation. Although I didn’t get much from each session it did say its name was Nox and is the dark personified. It indicated that its nature was fairly abstract, not so much the sort of entity one would call upon to perform some task, but more a “face” on a concept. Something that can be communicated with but so broad in scope that its not really “useful” for specifics. I’m not sure if that makes sense but their you go.

Exactly the impressions I’ve been getting. Yeah he/it is very creepy lol comes right up in your personal bubble and pushes through, next to your skin. For some reason I really like his voice, a definite demonic hiss with a slightly feminine quality to it.

Thanks for the feedback Soundwave. It’s reassuring to know somebody else is communicating with this entity aswell, and that its not just me going mad (again) haha

Did “Nox” have a face or discern able characteristics? When I saw the entity during the darkness meditations its face would change from my face to reptilian/demonic pale skinned face with tiny sharp teeth and a large mouth with black eyes. He did indeed like to push that comfort zone as I felt him lean down over me almost nose to nose and at one point sat down next to me. I felt like he enjoyed trying to make me feel uncomfortable which he did.

The only visual I got was a very brief inner vision flash of a reptilian lizard man type thing.

I never asked its name. If I see him again I’ll be sure to ask. After reading your first post again I saw where you mentioned he felt like an ally. I remember after receiving the complete works I had a series of dreams that had a darkness guiding me and felt an alliance was made as well. At the time I attributed it to reading BOA but it could be something to do with the complete works.

I have also experienced a shadow figure while working on the First Flame. It seems to be more of an observer. I haven’t received a name from it.

From what I could perceive of its face was intensely black flames (in terms of shape and flickering quality) roughly in the shape of the eyes and mouth but didn’t stay to long up close like that

I’m not sure how E.A. created his pathworking and Flame initiations but Nox, being the word of the Moon, may reveal what type of energy the 1st lesson is associated with. It’s often the place of beginning on a path of descent.

Agreed with UndeadGod.

I haven’t gotten very far or advanced in my abilities yet, but after I received the Complete Works, I was doing the meditation from the mastering divination course. Usually my meditations go deep, but apparently not deep enough to really feel or sense anything unusual, but about a month ago, I went unusually far in that meditation and realized I had gone slightly unconscious for a second(too deep. Lol), but as SOON as I realized this, I saw a very black shadow in the shape of a man watching me, VERY closely in my minds eye. The downside is that the very instant I noticed this, it went away, but I did get the very specific impression that it was watching me and was aware. This happened after the complete works arrived so do you guys think this could be the same entity? Maybe one attached to the book?

Had Nox visit me in a dream today. I still can’t confirm that is his name but its the same entity I’ve experienced in the meditations and dreams. In the dream we were facing each other and for some reason or another he began the LBRP but instead of a pillar of light coming down it was a black pillar and it shot directly into his 3rd eye. He never said anything, only went through the motions of the banishing ritual smiled and vanished. I got the feeling the method he showed me was meant to banish the light and fill one’s self with darkness. This is the third time he has shown me some kind of ritual or exercise.

As soon as I get done with my Dra’talon project I’ll be adding this as a pre-meditation ritual. Admittedly I’ve been slacking on the OAA material since I began the project. Once it’s done its back to work on the flames.

What Nox showed actually reminds of Night Magic, a system of magic I found out about 10 years ago. From what I remember I did the LBRP but I used inverted pentagrams. I drew in dark light and then let it go forth in the room. After a while the darkness becomes alive as I saw the shadows moving, growing darker but always moving, coming towards me wrapping around my legs and at the same time pushing close to me but then moving away. The magician is invited to dress in black for any operation as it is sympathetic and conducive for the operation. I also found that when sometimes I went into dark room, recesses, etc I could see shadows moving but this did not happen for every dark place hence I believed that in some places lurked certain energies whilst in others everything was still and inactive. I use to call them dead places because of the lack of activity. If you do just the basic visual exercises it will give you a taste of what to expect. It was a long time ago for me so I can’t be perfectly correct about everything.

Sadie was the Night Magic you mentioned written by Philip D. Williams?

Wandering Fool,

I’m sorry I can’t remember. 10 years ago I didn’t own a computer so I just use to go to the shop that had Internet and quickly read what was online. Internet charges back then for where I lived was very expensive so I would hurriedly read the pages as I didn’t have much money. That’s why the whole thing is so vague in my mind due to me quickly reading and then practicing, over 10 years ago was a while ago as I’ve done a lot since then. Another thing that the author mentioned as I remember it was that he encouraged the user to make his own shield with emblem and carry a sword into the ritual. If I can remember anymore I’ll tell you. But one thing I’ll tell you is that the darkness became alive after that, you will never see dark spaces in the same way again. It took me quite a while after I stopped to gain a " normal" sense of sight again, it was hard for me to tune off. Night time is obviously when things really get going. If I woke up at night I would really perceive things hovering close to me. Yeah, I still get that now but not like before, it was like these things were drawn to me and I’m sure they were as my astral site was awoken. This thing really drew me in, especially since I had a sympathy for those things dark. I think I now have the correct balance of both paths with a stronger leaning to the left. You just gotta keep a level head. The allure of darkness has turned many a decent person. If I remember anymore I’ll be sure to tell you.

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I think that you’re talking about the book by Philip Williams as TheWanderingFool has said.
I have this book and I read it only once a couple of years ago but I never got to practice anything that was written in there 'cause at that time I thought that it was too simple to be actually working. I’ll definitely give it another try!

If I remember right, the rituals and meditations in that book are highly simplified and basic, though its been a while since I’ve read it.

So I get up this evening and grab my mail and find my copy of The Infernal Clolopatiron waiting on me. While looking through the book I found a diagram of a construct that looked shockingly similar to the “crop circles” I was shown when I was sick. The circles I was shown when sick had a few that would move to different locations making me think the shape was adjustable for different purposes. Thought I’d share a wtf moment with you guys/gals.

A couple of things guys. I jumped on the net and yes it is the author. Strange for me to see his site again but I think it changed slightly. Back then it was a work in progress and his site still appears that way. I’m pretty sure back 10 years ago he only had a few chapters up.

In regards to the figure. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I was in like a Pharoahs chamber, it seemed as though I was in the past like Babylonian times and I was there standing next to a hooded figure but I could see his face which was reptilian in appearance. His face was lighter in color than his black robes and yes, he did press into my personal space when he spoke. His voice was raspy. He was slightly shorter than me but his appearance and voice was not discomforting.

Sadie and everybody else thanks for the info on the book, I’m going to give it a look and see if it grabs me.