Inverse version of the LBRP

I tried something yesterday where I laid out my demonic mandala instead of my angelic one did the Kabbalistic Cross,but instead of vibrating the names of the Godhead I called the names of the Infernal Gatekeepers.I also traced inverted pentagrams. I felt a prsence but not as strong as I do the Archangels.Maybe because it was my first time trying it.Any thoughts or ideas on this or a different version of the KC?Also could this conflict with me doing the regular LBRP?

Thanks for shedding some light on the ritual for me Yoga.How do I perform the more sinister version?I would like to work with demons and angels both,but don’t know how to invoke the demonic besides the use of enns and such.I have had major spiritual experiences with feeling the presence of angels,but how do I get the same effect with the demons?There is someone who is trying to destroy my life,and fuck with my family and I feel a need to work with the demons for this being I don’t know any real baneful majick besides the fact that my enemy must be named.

Id stick with the standard instructions of the LBRP and once maatering that ritual would the satanic one or other different form.

About what you say oc someone trying to ruin your life read Works of Darkness from Koetting its full of information to defend yourself and fight back. Read first the Become a Living God ebook as it also gives you the most important techniques/spirits for attacking psychically.

Forgot to mention LBRP also makes your space a place where energies are completely balanced

Here’s a post I shared a while ago about a different version of the LBRP that was shown to me by an entity. I’ve been attempting to make contact with him again and will share my results soon.