Nox is also one Word of Power to vibrate to contact the energies from the first Dark Sphere of the Tree of Wyrd, the Moon, the entity named by ONA is Noctulius, and the symbol related a horned beast

Any of you working with their materials?

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Nox is the word of the Moon. The word of night, the dark night of the soul. There are 3 main Dark Gods associated with this sphere in the ONAs material when dark pathworking.


Yes, each sphere is divided in 3 levels you’re right: uncounscious, ego, and self. Noctulius is associated with the ego level. Shugara being the unconscious and Nythra being the self level


To revive an old topic, I just wanted to mention that I too was seeing this same entity. He was very intrusive as far as getting right up in my face to the point I felt like my personal shield was being ripped open, just enough so that he could press thru it and touch me. I talked to another forum member about this last week or so and she recommended this thread to me. I realized that I had 2 presences following me around and in my space, and one of them was Nox, I’m pretty certain.

I finally told him, hey I know you’re there why are you in my face all the time after ritual work? I had a short conversation with him, very short, because his answers were seemingly useless, not to be disrespectful, but in terms of helpfulness, the answers were short and almost child-like. But he did whisper “Naaaahhhhxxxxx” in my ear so closely that it sounded like a bee flew by me when I asked him his name. His answers, the words he spoke, were very long and drawn out, almost like he had a lispe like “IIIII aaammm heeeeeerrrreee”. But I was taken back when I read the name Nox here, because I heard Him say what sounded like Naaahhhhhxxxxxx.

But nox became very intrusive, following me like a shadow so I had to ask a demon I was working with to make Nox respect my personal space.

Ive already told Lady Eva this,actually,before I even officially got started,I had been receiving a strong urge to work with the Greek protogenoi of the night,Nyx.

And this was Nyx herself calling me,offering to teach me some things.I had declined her invitations,for now,because of being busy,but Nyx is an entity I am highly attracted to.

For one thing,she’s mysterious and powerful.She’s a daughter of Chaos itself.She is feared by even Zeus himself.She is a queen of the night,and probably a mistress of black magick.And her children,there’s sooo many of them,and all of them seem to have a million purposes to serve in one’s life.

Furthermore,I’ve been meaning to do Dante Abiel’s Left Palm Chakra exercise,and Nyx seems like the entitiy to ‘‘train’’ me,because Dante himself was under Erebus,Nyx’s consort,while she,the lady,seems to be more drawn to me.

Then again,this may have been completely pointless,if ‘‘Nox’’ isn’t even close to ‘‘Nyx’’.

I am aware of who Nyx is Arcane. I was actually reading some more info on her the other day and I found some nice art and info that I pinned on Pinterest to my Goddesses and Gods tribute board. I do feature some darker entities on that board but I think I will create a demons board. Oddly enough, the lighter happier boards I have get way less followers than my darker, Gothic, heavy metal, Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Xmas type boards do. People enjoy my darker themed boards much more than the happier ones. I was looking into Nyx because she reminds me slightly of Hecate/Hekate who I have a tattoo of on my calf.

Gothic,Goth,Heavy Metal,Tim Burton,Night Before Xmas,Sweeney Todd,Dark Shadows etc. anything more sordid,macabre,or somber is usually gonna attract more attention.I don’t know why,people just like that kind of stuff.

As for Nyx,yes,she does remind me of Hecate,but when I look at both entities,subjectively,they are clearly two very different figures,at least in my eyes.

Also,Hekate is probably one of the best goddesses you could’ve chosen to tattoo!That’s a great choice!Although,I am certainly not a tattoo person…nor am I a piercing person…

But I digress.Point is,Nyx is calling me,and I’m gonna answer her call as soon as I’m ready.Some people in the occult world are out of ideas,feeling they’ve tried it all,and done it all.I’m not even close.And I am not out of ideas.

I did some energy work with Noctulius. Feels great!

yesterday a spirit came standing besides belial
the name was noxclura,

noxclura visited me i dont know if is the same spirit but its interesting this post popped up


What a coincidence. Isn’t it?

what book is this ?