Nowhere to practice

For some time I encountered with the same problem you are dealing with, and I took it as an excuse not to practice. Then I figured that even having a crowded house was not a problem. I would set up my temple at night,when everybody was asleep. Or when I was not certain if someone would go into my bedroom, I practiced in my shower which thankfully was big enough for me to sit here and do an LBRP.
Just be creative, and you will see that there are no valid excuses.

Another idea would be to do riyals in the astral, but that’s other topic.

Lock your door and tell them not to bother you.

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I know the feeling…I started clearing out a small section behind the place where I stay, it’s thick with woods and there is a small clearing out there, that is what I use

I wish I could simply do that. Sadly ‘don’t bother me’ seems somehow to mean get paranoid thinking I’m up to something they simply must know about.

They really have a problem with any insense smoke too.

Maybe time to create an astral temple and find a reason to be lying down with your eyes closed and headphones on - trying to understand the allure of classical music or something, or testing out self-hypnosis to see if there’s anything to it. Diazin wrote a great guide to building a temple in your mind here.

Scry onto walls, if you can’t have tools out, and consider being naked when you’re in your room, to embarass them next time they do the “No answer, gonna walk right in” thing.

Sounds like you have people with boundary issues. Tell them to respect your space or kick them out. It’s your apartment. Grow some balls and stop letting them walk all over you.

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I just thought of something else - start meditating in your room. But don’t just meditate - get printouts, books if you can, downloads of tutorials off YouTube, and talk about them every single time you get the smallest opening, become a total bore about the subject and if they walk in while you’re doing it, invite them (insist) that they join you or at least listen to you explain how meditation will solve their problems, and the wonderful things it does for health, etc.

If you can’t or won’t create a boundary through active methods, be sneaky and create one through being a single-minded maniac on this one subject so that the minute you break out your meditation clothes (comfy t-shirt and whatever) they run a mile.

If you’ve ever known a fanatical bore who pins you down trying to put their thoughts in your head, the kind of person you’re willing to do a 180-turn or be a bit late to something to avoid, you’ll understand the desired effect.

Also, if you aggressively over-share on the meditation, they’re unlikely to ask you what else you’re doing with your eyes closed sitting or lying straight on your bed.


if it’s your apartment and you’re not breaking any rules of your building or whatever, why not just tell them to let you get on with your stuff or find a new place to live?

Sounds like a privacy nightmare! I honestly think you need to tell these people to fuck off.

I live with other people too in a shared house, but fortunately there are times when I’ve got the place to myself. I think I’d go mad otherwise!

I agree that practicing at night when they’re asleep is probably a good idea, even if it means staying up a lot later than usual or getting up earlier.

I totally agree with Lady Eva. My suggestion was going to be a similar one. Tell them that you are studying meditation and “I can show you too!!!” You’ll have 1 of 2 responses, they’ll either think it’s boring or too much work and not be interested in “wasting their time” OR they WILL be interested to which point once they hit the Theta Gamma state ,the rapture and the crossroads, they will be MORE than intregued to know what the hell just happened. You can tell them “you were just at the crossroads. Wanna talk to a spirit guide???”

THAT is how you do it! :slight_smile:

If u live at aparment,u can use the laundry room,shelter. Storm,or basement,its wat i do,

I need some help! In BLG eBook Koetting never said a practice area for evocation should be separate from the room a person lives. I just bought evoking eternity and it is mentioned that the room must be seperate with certain features. I live in just one room as a Rosicrucian. I want to evoke my first entity which is an angel using the universal circle. Can I do the invocation in the same room am staying cos am confused now after reading Evoking Eternity.

If you dig deeper, you’ll see you can really practice anywhere. Reasons a separate room or site is good is because of less distractions and not opening a can of worms in your own living room. If you’re into banishing and cleansing the area, you’ll be fine. Even if you’re not into banishing and cleansing, the worst I’ve seen is poltergeist like activity. Kinda cool if you want to scare the crap out of your friends! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Amorifier, post:13, topic:4717”]I need some help! In BLG eBook Koetting never said a practice area for evocation should be separate from the room a person lives.

…Can I do the invocation in the same room am staying cos am confused now after reading Evoking Eternity.[/quote]

I deliberately moved stuff over a year ago so our bedroom & Temple were the same room, the biggest one in our apartment, because I actually prefer that - when I had a seperate room to practice in my last place, I just ended up kind of moving into it and even sleeping in there.

Other people like to keep their Temple as a seperate space, IMO it’s all good so long as what you do matches your beliefs and gut feeling about things like safety and so on, and also your lifestyle - not sure I could have knives, bloodstained sigils and then the really weird stuff around if we had a couple of toddlers.

I don’t think there should be any problems evoking angels in your room though, unless you’re calling one of the ones known for smiting people or cities etc., and you should probably not be doing that at this stage. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there should be any problems evoking angels in your room though, unless you’re calling one of the ones known for smiting people or cities etc., and you should probably not be doing that at this stage. :slight_smile:

Which angel should I evoke then. I need an angel that can come and teach me the art of healing and secret powers.

The Archangel Raphael for both, he will discose secret information where there’s a legitimate reason - I could almost say “legal” reason in terms of the principles he operates from.

He’s entirely made of awesomeness in my experience and very willing to help you with those areas. JMO and other people might have other recommendations, I’ve worked with him so much recently and with such good results I’m just a huge fan of his. :slight_smile:

Is it safe to do evocation without providing a place for the spirit to appear? Like evoking a spirit to the wall.

Yes, using a wall as a scrying surface is an established method.

I can very much appreciate your dilemma and saw many good suggestions from other commenters. My suggestion is to also utilize your car if you own one. I would expect you would have privacy there. As an ancillary comment, I have developed a portable altar. I travel frequently and carry my sacred items in a non-descript tool box that is easy to carry in the car and bring into hotel rooms or other places of my choosing. Wishing you all the best in finding the privacy you require.

Instead of focusing on evocation, where alot of preparstory work, tools and weird stuff is most required, you can work with invocation. Hell, all it takes for you to invoke a spirit is your mind, focused and strong will and learning how to use your bodly tensions/relaxations to improve the technique and draw even more energy from spirits.

In 3 mins you can do a whole invocation:

Focus your mind on the spirit you want to invoke.
Keep it steady. When some tension starts to build around and in your body and mind, its a sign the Universe is manifesting the spirit to you.
When a decent amount of energy builds around you, or above you, or anywhere you feel it coming from, draw it to you. You can use body moves like Tai Chi to help out if you feel like a good idea, personally, I like that.

If you can apply some bit more complex concept to all this, you can use the principle of Equivalent-Exchange, thats is trading a part of you for a part of the spirit. You’d be astonished on how some of our crap can bring real gold from spirits. They are meant to help mankind to reach godliness after all.

Start with some angel, either Sandalphon or Gabriel would be great as they are from lower spheres, being that Gabriel tends to cleanse alot of junk from our subtle systems and psyche. You can start from above and try this with Metatron, but the energy shift is so intense that may actually be a burden to handle it. Besides that, such a high-frequency energy aint much applicable in the beggning for more practical and earthly purposes, they are more suited for inner alchemy and commanding other spirit, seems to be good for HGA operations also, but Im not sure about this. My personal practice is to work with both the above and the below, so theres always balance in my Universe and my Inner God is always manifest and potent.

And thank you for the cumpliment, Lady Eva :stuck_out_tongue: