Nothing I have thrown at this b!tch has worked

That’s exactly what it is, a “temperature check”. He’s trying to get an idea of where you’re head is after all this time. Take it slow with him, especially if you feel this has ran its course.

Is that really how you feel though?

Maybe, or maybe not. It all depends on how you handle this situation with him contacting you again. If you’re trying to get tea on how his wife is doing, then once again, take is slow, let him talk, get everything out and he’ll probably eventually tell you. If you two were close, he’ll spill it…

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Im taking it really slow. I mean, I know him very well. There is a pattern and if he does it again. I’ll see it and catch on really quick. Yeah Im still very angry and on guard. But if he is here to apologize. Then I will accept it. If someone is sorry for something they did. Truly sorry. And while it may have hurt did not destroy me. I can forgive. There are only three people in my life that can not do that. My main target (while she didn’t “destroy” me. She did it to him. Unforgiveable!!) and two family members.

I really did ponder this. I put, as many might have read, Lots and lots and LOTS of spell work into this. Mainly communication spells to get him to contact me. And I got it. To not reply back to him would be a huge slap in the face of all those who helped me. And this was NOT easy. 18 months of work. He is a such a strong willed man. This was a true feat. I can not let all that work just drop. I wont. But he will do the talking this time. Not me.

I admit. I do wanna know. And who better than the man living with her, Im not gonna ask but see if he volunteers anything. Im not holding my breath though. He does NOT like to talk about her. At all!!

Her knowing about him talking to me (time and time again actually) would crush her. I mean if he has feelings, and they go back to day one pretty much. I am a threat to her. She knows. She would have to be the most incredibly stupid ass on earth not to. She would just have to see him and I in the same room. However, I would NEVER ever betray his trust in telling her. Really none of her business anyways if they really do maintain completely separate lives. But the kick in her chest would be nice. Nasty as that may sound, serves her right. She walked around like she “won” and instead of an equal he was some kind of “pet” and she treated him like one. She acted she did him a “favor” marrying him. I may have looked at her pic a few times and just laughed.

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I pondered it all. But not for very long. I replied basically i was shocked he kept and reread the email. I phrased it in a way that said I was looking for an answer. He read it immediately but did not respond. Two days later I kind of yelled at him for ignoring me (ghosting) for 18 months then after I ask a question he goes back to ignoring me again. Said a few other things and said bye basically. Wished him well. Writes back almost instantly that he was sorry but his daughter was in town and he doesnt check into FB. To myself, called BS as he responded to our nieces post that day (again a pattern of his). But couldnt just type “yea” to me two days before. I clicked back a “thumbs up” and that’s it. He instantly came back with Good Evening and i said Hello.

Now while that may sound pissy of my on my part. Im doing my own homework too… But I did sound a tad angry and mean and didn’t want him to feel that way so I kind of did a little damage control. I dont want him afraid to talk to me. He could have ignored me, not responded at all (like when he snubbed me when I wished him Happy Birthday last year) but he didn’t and that really says something right now. Next line of contact will be from him. We’ll see how long it takes. If he even does which im fine with either way. At least he knows its ok to when he’s ready.

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This tbh, as a contract it could be very effective if she accepts something not seeing the strings its attached to

Well as I said, two days ago he said “Good Evening” and I said Hello. Nothing said after my hello.

Till just now… Asking how I am and a couple of sentences about him.

Its on lol


Quick update… Still talking. Went a week of silence at one point and four days of another. Not much said other than questions about where im living, weather, current events. Ya know exhilarating topics… yawn, Talking to me like he just met me last week. Not over three decades ago.

I’ve kept chill. Waited until he wrote me back after a comment. Did not initiate any communication. Nothing like I did before. However I did send a simple smile face this morning and nothing else. And he wrote back asking to send a link to a song I told him about “in round one”.

Hopefully now the topic will change…

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Well kinda got fed up and sort of bit his head off. Im just bored with the whole thing. Nothing really else said. Same shit different day. I’m over it. I might go back to blocking him until maybe next summer. Dull a$$ sh!t.

I have learned something interesting in all of this. He did kind of spat back and me and… He did make the comment he has been really ill lately (Granted he also said a friend is very ill and he is working really long hours too). Like so ill he got checked for the “vid”. He’s had a nightmare spell on him for little over a month now. And it does continue until he gives me an apology. And I guess the effects of constant nightmares can make one ill. Im willing to venture it (the spell) hit him pretty hard.

I get it. He has things going on. But its the same game as last time. I just dont wanna fall in to that crap again. I went through hell getting over the last time. I wrote him last night asking a question. He read it and didnt answer back. Gonna give a few hours to see if he responds back today. If not going back to block. I will not be a slave to my phone constantly checking and waiting for him to write back to me.

What really pisses me off is he started this again. Yes I did a communication spell on him. Yes I got my result. I did not however get a person actually “communicating”. Heck if he just took a second and said a quick “hi” now and then it would be perfectly fine and cool. Ive gone a week (twice) without hearing a word.

Maybe im being unreasonable in wanting just a small acknowledgement here and there…


Just a small update. I don’t really encourage any contact with him. If he writes me (and still does though he went three weeks without texting me) I will respond. I’m moving back home and he knows this and is pretty excited.

( I have no intention of seeing him but I guess he really doesnt know that as he hasnt asked and I havent made that clear)

I still find him mind numbingly boring. God that is the man I once loved?? Yuck. For now I decided not to encourage any further contact. I dont want to be rude. I’ll just call myself “too busy” at this point if he calls me out for ignoring him. Ya know “too busy” moving to answer a text, which im really not. I guess I want him to fade away without my being mean about it.

It just seems like he needs to see me respond to him. For his benefit. Well im no ones “food”.

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Yes. OP - I suggest you get a copy of Angels of Wrath and go through it, throwing one spell at her a day,attacking her from multiple aspects. Especially do the Force Exile one. For a tough case like yours, do it for 7 days. Then see what happens…Force Exile has never let me down BUT it can take time in some cases.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have stuff packed right now but once I get where im going I will get a hold of a copy!!

Im hoping by being a bit closer I can pack a harder punch with her. I know distance doesnt matter and I prove that to myself often but being a bit closer has to help some… right lol??

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If it’s not working I suggest you drop it, I’m like that too, I’ve had people try to obliterate me but it would hit them back 10x harder and I never do any reversal spells or anything like that, some people got ancestors you just don’t wanna mess with… especially if it’s like a royal bloodline type of person you’ll never be able to succeed in taking them down, their ancestry connects back to the gods themselves and their genetics enhance their magic on a subconscious level, so good luck penetrating those walls they’re basically indestructible, only the one that is protected can break those walls, and even then I’ve had spirits protecting me from myself too so that’s not even the case most of the time, some people you just can’t mess with and you’re gonna have to humble yourself to that fact and find a way that’s more constructive to you rather than destructive

If I were you, I wouldn’t focus on taking someone else down, I’d just focus on raising myself up and use the fire to better myself, when you feed the egoic illusion thinking that person is separate from you, your ego gets involved and you keep yourself from growing spiritually, if the person has wronged you in anyway it’s best to sort it out like adults and have a talk, if the other person isn’t meeting half way and is still doing you wrong I’d work with Kali, she helps both parties overall, and will help her and you come into a better place rather than destroy one another


Force exile…… for 7 days in a row? Did you get experience doing it 7days? I am interested in throwing at my cruel superior. Please share experience if possible thx

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sometimes magic does not work, to share my long story short: I did some cursing on a person that totally deserved it (she still deserves) and I got terrible nightmares in return, she works with esotericism but I highly doubt she can absorb the power of Moloch and reversed runes, however nothing has worked and I got these nightmares in return. In this case I leave the revenge to higher powers and try to forget about it. why bother, when you see that higher plan is clearly on the go.

Yes. I did it for 7 days on a bitch colleague I shared an offiice with at work. I just decided to try doing it for 7 days to see if it would work, as I’d done other things and had some success in causing trouble in her life, but she was still around. So I did Force Exile for 7 days and it did work but it took 7 months for her to leave permanently. She eventually got a job abroad and left the country. But before that it definitely had weakened her as she had been unwell on and off, had had money troubles, etc.


Sounds like maybe you didn’t cleanse yourself properly afterwards ? as that shouldn’t happen. But yea, sometimes people you target seem to be immune but they may have good spiritual protection

In your case I can suggest a rite who has strong effect used with success. This is the 13 pillars of wrath from S ben qayin very effective to return the pain inflicted. What the rite do is to transfer the hate the magicians feel into her ennemy causing direct devastation. You can find it into Qliphoth - infernal essence opus 4.

May be I havent done the cleansing afterwards. However, as I recollect that evening I didnt feel cleansing to be necessary. Still it looks like most of my energy went back to me like mirrored.

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Everything I have done has worked to some degree. She definitely has been “altered” for the worst. Her friends list is not what it was. I have taken mutual friends from her (two “left”). I can see the change in the photos. Her posting habits are no where near what they were. So yeah my spells and such have certainly had an affect on her. From what I can see her and my friends sister no longer speak and post on each others pages like they used to. And my friend makes vague comments that make me wonder if they are about her. I dont ask as its not really any of my business but it does make me wonder.

My spells on him have worked as well. Now im just a point where do i proceed or not. Not because they havent worked (because they have) but just questioning my level of interest (mind you im only speaking in regards to him). Now in speaking to him I am seeing literal proof of success. But not hearing much regarding his “thing” he lives with. Now, this is nothing new. He doesnt speak of her anyways (again he despises her and rightfully so but…). However, he is the closest thing to feedback I can possibly get.

I havent done any other spells on him since he got back in contact me this past fall. This is more of responding to him when he texts me. And he has though its far and between right now. Usually i just chill and ignore till he pops up in my DM’s.

Again it all worked on different levels for both. Im just sitting back “thinking”.

@Serkyr I will take a look at the 13 pillars. As im in the middle of moving so im kind of holding off on spells right now anyways and taking the limbo time to think and if i want to proceed or not (again MOSTLY in terms of him not her, she my target practice…)

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With over 100 posts I didn’t read everything but have you tried cursing an object and giving it to her? Sounds amateur but you also sound like you might be overthinking it.

I live on the other side of the country. So no im not able to do that. Even when I get back home that is not a possibility. I hate her with my every being. She knows this. Now I did create something for him (my best friends brother) it was a memorial type thing I made that I created for him and his sister (my friend). Now im not sure what point he got it (if he did I mailed it to his sister and she was suppose to, in turn, give it to him. I will ask him about it next time he contacts me). And within the item I did put a little enchantment. But that was more for him/I

When I move im not going to live terribly close and while I do know the address… Would be so much easier knowing what actually has worked. I know it has, just not what and to what degree. Maybe when im closer he’ll open up and talk a bit more. It is the holidays right now and he already has a lot going on in his own life. I get it.

I did throw some passive aggressive shade at his wife last message to him. Not that he cares what i say about her but kind of made it clear what a useless pos he married. That was nine days ago lol

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