Nothing I have thrown at this b!tch has worked

I thought an update would be interesting. So im back “home”. She is still not speaking to anyone. He’s knows im back and i have spoken to him (he contacted me) a wee bit (i made a comment on my nieces page that he “liked”. I do know he never got the memorial (or if he ever will). They resent each other and there is no contact. I havent seen him as well nor really plan too. My interest in talking to him comes and goes. Its gone for now.

I have a poppet of her as well as a UNhappy Bithday jar that I created on her birthday, Once a month I will light a birthday candle on it to recharge it. Designed for the worst possible on all levels. And is set for a year. I wanted to do something new being she is closer and see what happens. Again, I vehemently hate this pos. She is target practice. She is the only one I will go to these lengths. And too much work has been done. She deserves it and the Universe has agreed with what has worked. I will never forgive her or let up. Ever!


Came up with an idea. I wanna open a door in case I choose to go through it (not interested right now). Im going to mend things between my besties brother and sister. Just a little bad blood between them. They think each other is an idiot. Nothing major has really happened. Just emotion on both their parts. Im going to use a sweetening jar and call upon my friend (who passed) to help me. I think she would be happy to see this happen as well. Ive never called upon a passed loved one to assist me before.

Why? Because I am hanging out with her/his sister more often and becoming closer friends. He is friends with her hubby (just not her). This MIGHT open a door for me to see him as well. (Down the road if I choose to. Not right now. Yes, my mind COULD change). Im just more interested to see if I can accomplish this.

Im so bloody clever… (Lisa- Weird Science)


It’s been a minute since I posted but I would like to see the communication spells, that’s the one thing weighing me down on the growth front.

Have you tried to mix things up? Summon a goetia spirit, use hoodoo and some runes together and maybe finish the whole thing with an intraquil spirit spell. Ask your cards which area of her life you should hit first. Ask spirits to remove her good luck and give it to someone who needs it more. Throw hoot foot oil outside her house and on her car so she will lose them. Ask Mammon to take her money and give them to someone more worthy.You can also ask Hecate to reveal her ugly trueself to people . Bind her genitals so she wont be able to enjoy sex ( like the burning banana spell for men)

Just throwing some ideas. Dont fight fire with fire. Hit fire with a blizzard and make it epic


“Hit fire with a blizzard and make it epic.” Haha! I love this! I’mma about to blizzard the f*** out of a psycho, b***h stalker, who won’t leave a friend of mine alone.

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Maybe Im confused but I thought you do the work and then forget about it and thats when it works.

It appears that there is alot of dwelling on if its working or not and checking back to see.

I thought you were suppose to just let go and forget and let the magick take over.

I might be wrong. But just looks like alot of the posts here are lusting for results.

In some cases yes. However, personally, i find for me, that isnt ALWAYS the case. And for the most part I usually do. Not really lusting but more just confused. She is really baffling. I have never dealt with anyone like her. Ever lol. And this here serves more like a journal now than anything. Kind of keeping track of what ive done and what has happened. I have a jar on her and kind of left it at that. My last idea was in August. That has been done and im not sure of the result and havent asked my friend. I left if alone and did mostly forget about it.

I have been asked a few odd questions that have brought my attention back to her in a weird way. I do need to see if she has been running her mouth about me. Her husband and i are kind of friends (he was (she has passed) my besties brother). I mean ive know him longer than she has and we do talk (though not for a very long while).

So not really lusting, I dont care what happens to her either way. She is miserable and if she is snooping digging for info, well that’s good. I hope she’s driving herself mad. I wont admit or deny anything where she is concerned ever, to anyone. I hope she is driving herself crazy. She’s just target practice anymore. And when something seems to not be working then yeah, i analyze. What’s the point if im not willing to troubleshoot when some time has passed.


She has a jar on her that I did on her birthday. Asking the worst of the worst possible. While I know where she lives and after moving im about 20 minutes away. I simply cannot chance being seen there. Ever. Mailing something is possible and Ive considered that but havent acted on it. While I refuse to give up (and I do know and have seen some affects of my spells on her) Im just sitting back for the most part. If I think of new ways to hit her i have no issue giving it a go. Kind of resting for the moment right now though lol

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Hit the sleep. Make her restless day and night. No one can function without proper sleep. It ruins their life literally inside and out. And even if they sleep, it is filled with nightmares.