Nothing I have thrown at this b!tch has worked

Weird twist. Ive been attacking her FB friends list. Kind of lazily going after a person doing a spell. I didnt get far. Only three at the moment. However…

Yesterday I checked and noticed her FB friends list is now set to private. Man she cut off my source. Biatch…

Ya all know curious little me is like… “what did i do” lol

And the show continues…

Noticed just now in her most recent pic that she has four weird “new”, as in I’ve never noticed in her other pics… marks on her face. Like when you have a zit and pick at it. She did spend three nights in H3LL twice.

Also made a point of having “married” on your FB page. “Married”. Hahahahahaha. Now that is suddenly gone in your about section too.

Finally seeing lots of “fruits”.

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I’m down

Wat u have to do is a pray,invite like 7 powerful spurts,every will do it eventually