Not an occult topic, but I'd like to ask

Ladies, in today’s world where sexual harassment is a big deal, how would you feel about a man with a social disability who’s been made to feel so afraid of women, he refuses to make any physical contact with a woman and generally prefers to interact with them at medium because he’s frightened of being accused of sexual misconduct?


well i am not a lady but if i make a guess they would stay away from those type also. They hate weak men and also those who are too overt and make them uncomfortable by harassing them ( even this is not 100% true, if the dude is a billionaire or looks like some super model they would happily welcome the harassment )

Girls like confident/strong/dominant dudes. ANd if looks and cash is also there then its Christmas and thanksgiving on the same day.

Even looks of a dude weights less in-front of outright strength-dominant characteristic .


I’m a Capricorn so there’s an even more complicated code to me. But I’ll explain rather simply:

If a guy paws at me from the start it’s a no. If you text me, hey how was your day? And then start asking me what panties I’m wearing, you’re done.

But I did date a guy that over the course of a month didn’t lay a hand on me and kissed me only once and shook the entire time. I couldn’t handle that either, he was too in awe and that’s a sign he wouldn’t give me anything to grow from. I need mental stimulation too.

There’s a huge difference between complimenting a woman and following her through each aisle of a store until you corner her. Then get pissy when she yells: “ do I LOOK like I want a conversation??! Because I don’t think I do!”

:point_up:t2: This happens


@AradiaX I think guys just need to pay more attention to the body language and cues women give. And this day in age, guys are usually either complete creeps or total wimps. The two percent that aren’t are seen like rockstars, especially if said two percent know about magick and love themselves.


LOL. :rofl:
BUT Am I one of them? :thinking: :astonished:

Some just go with the flow and that works best for them. Picking up chicks should be effortless. If U R trying/thinking too much then U look like desperate. A BIG TURN OFF.


There is a massive difference in my eyes between a strong confident man and someone who is dominant!
The first is attractive, the latter I find repulsive.
I’m also not turned on by how much money a guy has

And if the guy is pretty but vacant, that’s another no for me too!

I have however dated a couple of guys who have been shy and maybe a bit unsure/insecure and they’ve been sweet, considerate and genuinely lovely which I’d take over an arrogant dick any day.

Would depend on what exactly this was!

A bit of a moot point then really!?!


In what context? Is this a workplace question or a friends going out question, or…?

At a minimum I would say he should make sure he’s never alone with a woman then. Hold meetings in open-door conference rooms or at an open desk, always have others around when going and out, and don’t meet one one one for dates or any other reason.


Yes I find self-identified “dominant” or “alpha” males repulsive as well. It usually is code for obnoxious and over-assumptive. Not always, but in vanilla land it is.


That’s so true they don’t pay attention. I’m not anti man at all but the older I get the less tolerance I have for being followed or creeped on. I’m not going to smile and chat in hopes he walks away and doesn’t try and hurt me. Which maybe isn’t smart considering my mouth but you have to watch out nowadays.

Instead of getting smarter it’s gotten ridiculously escalated. I’ve been cornered numerous times and the last time I opened my hoodie and said “ pick a number between 1 and 14.” But I was literally pinned against a pallet in Home Depot.

What’s mind blowing is these are attractive men! What the hell kind of paint chips they’re eating to be so damn creepy I have no idea!

Confident is awesome. That means confident in their weaknesses too. I don’t want someone so meticulously perfect and looks aren’t the thing that drives me. Most people I’ve dated I wasn’t upfront attracted to - it had to be something inside that grabbed me. And money definitely doesn’t do it. I have my own and if it comes down to we’re broke then we’re broke but have each other.

It’s not real rocket science :woman_shrugging:t2:


U sure U don’t need 2 change the neighborhood you are living in???

WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! I think I found 3 saints in a Black Magician’s forum.

I am Ugly-Poor-and FAG as FUCK. But I still have hope now. :rofl:

U three saints just gave a ray of hope to countless losers. Just ‘HOPE’ it doesn’t turn out like
those ‘3 sisters of fate’ like scenario !


Sorry, I should have mentioned: I’m sapiosexual. There’s still no hope for you :rofl:


Learned a new word today. YEAAAAAA !!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


I think when it comes to women and most things in general, your perception really defines the kind of people who come into your life. If you believe all women want is money, that’s what you’ll get. @Goku I totally agree with you. My way of courting/attracting is very different than the ways most guys do it and that’s okay. I also think this current day and age is pretty full of games. Everyone is just out here playing each other and they end up losing out anyways. That’s why I think the best way to get you a woman/man is to just be honest, authentic to yourself, playful, and just to delight in women/men. See the beauty in life.


@Goku I live and frequent an area where nearly everyone has a boat and a Corvette and is either a trust fund baby or a business owner. So probably. The entitlement is strong.

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As a guy I tend to understand that women will always be the same, so I just stopped paying any attention to females in real lives. Too bothersome for me to deal with since I´m socially uncomfortoable and I have the vibes of a creep so I don´t usually even try. Not only that but when I point out obvious facts about the differences between men and women on how they perceive, I´m seein as sexist. Besides, I´m not going to chase somebody who thinks that I´´m a creep. After all, a guys gotta do have standarts too.

It´s liberating actually to just say screw everything and not give a damn. Including women. But then again, I meausre my priorities in life totally differently. Screw reading bodylanguage, just do your own thing as a guy. The whole chaos with men getting validation from women and 20-25 year old men being horny all the time, is bunch of bologny anyway. I have experinced this in my life so the way I go about it is that I would much rather have a quality time with a female too little rather than too much. One of the things that I have learned is that sex and dating are overrated if you are a guy and it isn´t worth it at all. Don´t get me wrong, I´m not sayin that sex isn´t great, it is great. What I´am saying that when you are dating, you are not going to have as much freedom in the long rung as you would normally in a bachelor lifestyle. I have multiple reasons why I don´t think women are worth it to deal with in real life unless they aren´t your family or friend and even then it can be questioned. But for now my emphasis is on the priority aspect of it.

Here is my answer: Some of the so called harasment is just bologny because it sees the guys as villains even when they aren´t. Bottom line is that it´s just much more easier to just avoid or not give a damn about women, than to actually care. May seem heartless but seen as I try to operate in mind and not rampant emotions, it personally gives me a good picture about things. Doesn´t matter whether you look at things trough the lenses of pessimism or optimism, as long as it gets you where you need to be, it rewarding. After all, there is a price tag for everything, you choose poison.

@H.L.Daniel: its largely a Numbers game. Do not worry what a percentage of the population thinks about you. Only focus on the positive of what your ideal significant future other thinks and focus on bringinf her to you and Capitulizing on that.

You forgot backwards there are. Some are very backwArds they like to be with girls that don’t do a Damon thing for them

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I could say that is what I want but but I can´t really say that. I think that Bill Burr(a comedian) had a good idea of women when he said that women are overrated. See the thing is, I don´t appreciate affection from a woman in the least(depends on situation). My ideal life is run on 4 or 5 princpiles and none of them include affection necesssarily. I don´t run on affection personally.

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That is why I have done choices through magick that are designed to last for a lifetime.

Since I’m a Taurus I like guys that are confident sweet funny and kind but also to have a ironclad heart at time and even more so the things that I don’t have like I’m laid back I like guys that can be laid back but wouldn’t mind going on some kind of adventure and have fun since I’m sweet again I’m pulled to people who can be cold or fiery at times cause no isn’t really in my dictionary at times and people walk over me some times cause of that just some one that can be my superman barman my sword and shield you know if they don’t look like they have those qualities I’m looking for well we can be friends until you creep me out or Piss me off then you might find silence on my end…just saying…as far as harassment goes if I ever felt like some one was doing so it would get pointed out that unless I like u I’d let it slide if not u keep it up either might get cussed out or it might get violent…in not to be held accountable for what I do or say if the person pisses me of n is asking for it…js

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