Non-ritual based visions and physical/spiritual changes

So id considered wether or not to make this post, but my need outweighs the consequence in this matter. I truely have no real indepth expertise in the occult. I have base knowledge, due to my research, but that’s about it. To the issue that I experience. For the last year, i have had several experiences. From visions of meeting Lucifer in a chamber, which turned from a beautiful garden to a abyss type landscape. To waking up from sleep and hearing the name Azazel, to which I had no previous knowledge. I had to Google the name, for which I had no idea it was a fallen angel. Ive had many more experiences than this, but… the biggest push to make this post is for the last year ive felt wings on my back. Nothing I can see physically, but I can feel them in a intrinsic energy type way. I have felt/seen them in my mind. They are akin to the same visions ive had. Recently, though the feeling has been getting stronger, I asked my mother what she thought, and she didn’t really have an answer. I felt inclined to ask her to feel them. She said she felt heat radiating in only that area. She has had issues with that hand due to a illness. I also felt inclined to pray at that moment and within seconds all the inflammation and pain receded. She still has issues with it, but nothing to the degree it was. It’s been permanently reduced since that time. I felt in diligence to learn more about this by both reading the bible and and The Book of Azazel by Mr. Koetting. I don’t consider myself a fantastical person, an have doubted my own sanity. I truly hope someone has an idea of what’s happening to me, because I surely do not.

Thank you in advance for the replies, an hope we can at least have a discussion on the matter.


The short Answer:

You’re ascending.

The Long Answer:

All those expieriences are real.

More real,
then the world you’re living in.

Questioning your Sanity,
is a normal side-product,
of recieving true real Visions.

The human mind,
simply can not comprehend,
what you’re expieriencing,
and it’ll get better,
by training your skills.

Please, begin with developing your Astral Senses.
(Clear Voyance)

Some useful resources for that:

Besides the Sources i just linked to you,
i highly recommend you start reading in the forum,
and trying out instructions / guides,
we all provide for each other,
to develope further.

Regarding your Wings:


In fact,
amongst some of us,
it’s rather common to have them.

that hints towards a certain degree of development being reached.

towards being something non-human,
living in a human form,
for this incarnation.

For example - but not only - Angels.

they do sometimes live Human lives,
in Human Bodies.

I had doubt towards this myself,
for a long time.

By now,
i’ve seen so much of it,
even if i wanted to,
there’s simply no room for denying that anymore.

One possible explanation might be:


I recommend you seek to develop those gifts.




The wings are there. They may be calling on you to teach. I find the mark of hermes in these individuals so google palmistry mark of hermes. Higher evolved souls or ascended souls that are incarnating may also have wings when they incarnate. Next investigate your birthdate.

Is your soul number for your name 6?
Is your birthdates numerology 6?
Finding the 3rd 6 is a lesson, finding the third 6 i found my spirit guide, she died on the day and month6 months prior to my birth(years apart the months are 6 apart.

Some souls before being born are contacted and contracted. A lot like a crossroads demon, but when the contracting deity desires a certain student who is deff to their call, they will guide the student to the contracted soul.

My assumption is that these souls at birth contract and allow an entity to embody a space in it. So youll have the gifts and characteristics of the entity. Youll even find your personalities conflict at times and this gives way to cognitive dissonance. Youll have visions of what is to come. Youll know when somone is guided to you for healing or initation. It becomes obvious from the 10plus synchronicities youll have talking to them.

Ive also heard of acquiring wings when you begin ascending. I do not believe this to be true but an assumption made based on the theory that “the wings of angels in art symbolized that they were higher dimensional beings(ascended)”.

The astral components we adopt are more likely symbolic of the characteristics and abilities we adopt from the entities we work with.

This is all my humble opinion from my experience and what ive found. I have been investigating incarnates


I would pick up a copy of Questing for Visions also by EA Koetting. He has methods for testing the validity of visions that will be helpful.


Welcome to the forum @AzazelRising . Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


Thank you all for such prompt and informational replies. I will respond to each one, though unfortunately I’m at work. I don’t like being ignored, which is why I am giving this brief reply now.


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So first of all thank you Yberioth,

It was reassuring to hear I’m not crazy :joy::+1:. That being said you’ve given me some homework, but I’m thankful for that as well. I’ll look into clairvoyance an the other links you gave me. So a question, a comment, and a request if you don’t mind. First the question; how can one be ascending or ascended if I have performed no rituals to my knowledge? Before reading the book of Azazel, I had really no LHP knowledge to speak of. Aside from occult influences from an early age, and nightmares that accompanied previous to that from as early as I can remember. Next the comment, your experience with Gabriel, and naming you as one of the old watchers, I’m past coincidence that your the first person to respond to my thread. Ive had no real motivation other than learning about myself and Azazel. Other entities really have not been on my mind, just Azazel. The feeling ive recieved is that of kin or “strong relationship”, at time’s molding us together. Lastly, the request, I know we don’t know each other well, but my prompting was to ask you to have a conversation with Gabriel about me and what kin means to him. Though I know this may not really be something you would enjoy, my curiosity gets the better of me. In the end I have so many more questions an I hope I can be of some service to you one day.



But I’m a bit silly and can’t quite figure out how much of that was in response to me and just everyone in general. lol :sweat_smile:

You did quote me though. :sweat_smile:

Anyways either way thanks for all the cool links.

The fascinating thing, especially if it was for me, was I never told you anything about angel wings.
Back in November when all of this Demon stuff started for me, I had the experince of being attacked by Demons pretty regularly. I think now it is getting safe to just about say whom they were, they were likely Sorath, Shigal and most likely for sure Choronzone. I don’t know if they are spelt right, but I remember back in December one of them said their name was Choronzone, but this was before signing up to the forum and Choronzone was one of the only demon names I knew back then so I have been reluctant to confirm this still, though it is looking more probable.

Anyways the point is all of this experience has seemed to open up a new chakra on my upper back, interestingly where angel or demon wings might pop out.

And after my trip to hell, I have got the feeling multiple powerful entities from there have been either working with me, or seeking to get a hold of me. I’m not too sure why, but maybe I will have to look into those links.



The post that I opened was what Yberioth was posting the links for, to help me understand, in correlation to my situation. Though, If the links help you as well, then two birds with one stone.




Thanks, I will deff give it a read. I’ll let you know what I glean.


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I got the notification and saw him linking to me, but I did have a feeling to not necessarily think it was for me entirely. :slight_smile:



So I looked up the sign of Hermes, and I do have that in addition to the mystic cross, and a M on my palm. Though the feeling of my wings has been recent (within the last year). On the numerology side, including my birthday and name, I have no 6’s. I’m unsure of incarnation, or if it takes time to surface. How would a entity of contract a soul? An taking on those characteristics would make sense. I’ll look into it further for incarnation. Thanks so much for the help.



They contract the soul before the soul is even born. Your higherself maybe is what youd call it.

Essentially, if im incarnating here to learn or accomplish something that wouldnt easily be learned without strings being pulled to manifest a situation to learn it, then i may be born contracted to a spirit who is to help manifest those events and help me learn or accomplish what im here to do.

Very similar to the belief that soulmates are just souls who had an astral connection before being born and thus come together to help eachother in an incarnation. Only instead of both incarnating in this case, the spirit attaches or possesses


Of course you will get many answers confirming they are real. You’re talking about Lucifer, Azazel and Fallen Angels in a forum full of people who worship those spirits one way or another. It’s like going to a Church telling people how you had visions of Jesus and saint.Paul, and can feel wings of light on your back… same exact reaction.

Not judging your experience or anyone’s answer to you, but if you’re seeking knowledge, then you can start learning and improving your skills as an occultist. If you want to have invisible wings… you got them. Having both doesn’t sound like a bad idea but in my personal opinion, if you’ll start with invisible wings then what do you expect to end up with ?!

My suggestion to you… forget about those for now and focus on learning magick. That will benefit it you a lot more than anything else, real or not. Learn evocation, spellcasting and divination, you can add astral projection if you wish. When you do, you’ll have a chance to contact Lucifer, Azazel or any other spirit, and get detailed information about your experience from the source. While you’re doing that, you will also gain enough knowledge to improve your life with physical results, not only spiritual.

All the best,


you already are, AR.

you’re stimulating something in me there.

I’ve been reluctant to talk to Gabriel,
and even tho i know Gabriel truely and highly cares for me,
i still find trouble in having to commune with him.

i’ll take your request serious.

Something i usually refuse!

  • sorry i have to put that here,
    i get overwhelmed when i offer to do work i normally refuse,
    by people asking for exactly that,
    what i don’t offer. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes,
i’ll ask Gabriel for clarifying it further.

Now, the term Kin,
i can help you with that.

Kintype - means form of non human (usually animal, elves, shapeshifter),
which belong to the same species.

It’s deprived form the original words of

  • kine
  • kindred

which mean cettle (food, lifestock),
and Master / Lord,
or simply Vampire.

So Kine means Vampire food, a slave whom is being feeded upon for longer periods of time,
usually being kept alive for years, before being use up so far that it haves to be slaughtered.

  • similar to how humans use cows,
    for getting milk, making cream, butter, cheese, whipped cream, yogurt -those varioius products from it.

While Kindred, are the Vampires actually holding the cettle / kine for themselves,
to have a constant,
and worry-free supply of food,
and live in a civilized manner.

kin, can describe everything,
from the classic shapeshifting Lycantrop,
which goes into werewolf form,
down to even fae,
which my look humanoid,
but have very little to do with being human,
but actually are elementals,
just formed into a humanoid shape.

I hope this clarifies the “Kin” term accordingly already.

I’ll get back to you,
when i have Gabriel mention something towards your question.



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Dear AR:

Gabriel answers:

First the question; how can one be ascending or ascended if I have performed no rituals to my knowledge?

Some souls before being born are contacted and contracted. A lot like a crossroads demon, but when the contracting deity desires a certain student who is deff to their call, they will guide the student to the contracted soul.

  • End of Gabriels Message.

Channeled by:



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