New Year's gift



Greeting ! :slight_smile:
As indicated above I am preparing a big gift for 5 people for the New Year, normally I had to do it for Christmas, but I run out of time.
Already, I explain how it will happen : all the people who will come to ask me a gift, will be drawn, so the more people will be there, the less chance you have to have your gift, too bad. You have until 31 to have your chance, after that date the 5 people will have already been drawn.

The gifts will be : a reading of your person, your past, present and future situation, a scan of your energies and a advice card of one of my Oracle (If you have a question, put it directly in your message, I may answer it :thinking: )

Here is the material I will use (a few things are missing) :

Good luck :wink:

Free Reading - Only for nice people!

I’m interested


I’m in! Thank you for the chance!


I’m interested as well :innocent:


Me please :raising_hand_woman::hugs:


Yes please Leoh.

Happy new year to you.


i want that @Leoh, may I ?


Sign me up, please :slight_smile:


Well yes, but everything is explained above, so I do not see what I can add here. You introduce yourself if you are interested and then you will draw lots from all those who asked :thinking:


I’m interested. Thank you.


Interested. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am in. :slight_smile:


@Leoh I’m quite interested, brother.

Here is my question: How do I move forward and ascend the way I want to with the obstacles around me? How do I become who I want?

And would you like me to do another reading for you?


I will throw my name into the hat :slight_smile:


You already scanned/read me in the other thread of yours so I don’t think you’ll pick me but I’ll go ahead say im in as well.


Im Interested :slight_smile:


I can’t turn down a gift like this so l am in :blush:


I’m in.


Am I too late? If not, I’m definitely in.


count me in too! :slight_smile: