New Year's gift



Yes, yes,yes pleeeease!


I’m interested :slight_smile:


I’m interested


Humbled to be chosen


I’m interested :slight_smile: if it is not too late


I’m interested!


I’m Interested!! :blush:


Omg! We have the same oracle deck!! (The oracle of the triad)

Also, I’m in :smiley:


what is that and it’s purpose and also what are the crystals for?


The thing you circled is an incense holder. It holds stick incense and is designed to catch the ash as it burns.


If you’re ever drawn, why not, I’ll see at the moment if a question comes to me, but if I ever want it, I know I can count on you on Scan and Swap :slight_smile:


The best is to try your luck :+1:


Je te parle français, comme je crois que tu l’es. Ouais, c’est un très bon Oracle, dés que je l’ai vu je l’ai prit, il m’a tout de suite “parler” :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s incense, it just allows me to be a little quieter. The crystals you see are pyramids, I use them especially when I read with the oracle of the Triad. I have a lot of other stones but each one has their particularity, like every deck.


I would love to have a reading. So much going on and too many bills to pay a psychic atm




Alrighty sounds good!




Sounds good!


Hey man it would be really awesome if you chose me. If not it’s all cool. Have A Happy New Years :ok_hand:t4: