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Hey everybody, I am a new user obviously. Have been browsing this site for a few weeks now though. I reside and grew up in England although I am half Afrikaans (South Africa). I am just a begginner in the craft and looking to learn as much as I can before I delve deeper. If anybody can point me in the right directions it would be much appreciated. Thanks and much love to all.


Welcome to the forum.

Before we can point you anywhere we need to know what you want to learn, so what areas of magick are you interested in?

Thanks and healing mainly but also I would like to know more about evoking spirits/demons


Hey there…
Welcome to the forum…

Jy gaan Baie hierso kan Leer…


Dankie @KingOfEvil

Welcome :blush:

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Hi and welcome! Utilizing the magnifying glass (search functionality) in the top right, you can actually find a lot of info throughout this forum. I’ve already read a lot on evocation, and I’m positive information on healing exists too!


Healing magick is in all simplicity giving blessing of better health

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Welkom :slight_smile:

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Simplest healing method ever:

Not into angels? No problem:


And I’ll just spam you with one more of my own topics, how to visualise effectively - walk-through I did a few years ago: What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)

Other members also write awesome stuff, some compiled here:

Also see: