New to demonology. Tips?

I am new to demonology and am interested in its potential benefits. For instance, there are many celebrities and figures that are associated with selling their soul for money, fame, or talent. I am interested in all of these. Being myself, I would like to pursue a career in music and get a luxurious living off of doing so. Based on my readings, Dantalion seems like a good source of contact. If, considering my desires, he is indeed the best demon, how would I go about doing so?

Furthermore, the rapper known as Yeat has a lot of controversies surrounding him and selling his soul. Look at these tattoos for example:

This image strongly resembles a sigil of some sort, and if any users here would like to shed some light on what it could be, that would be great.
Also, Yeat mentions the devil and demons numerous times on numerous songs of his. Some instances of this are shown here:

These are not the only examples there are several more, these are just the ones most interesting to me. The reason why Yeat’s case strikes so much interest to me is because he also uses imagery of the devil and satan in earlier works, and he did not receive a big following until late 2021 and early 2022, where he gained hundreds of thousands of followers in just a few months. This traction he gained came so sudden and was so powerful, it is rare for an artist to blow up like that.
Any information or opinions given is appreciated.

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In previous discussions here, it’s generally considered that while some bands have a geniune occult internet, ones like this are mostly just doing it for show.

There’s no such thing as “selling your soul” as far as I’m concerned. Unless you mean, to other humans, where you trade your principles for cash.

The symbol on his arm is probably personal. It’s certainly not any of the Goetia… I’d recommend following up with interviews with the artist as he’s probably been asked about it at some point. :blush:

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I’m a big fan of his and I don’t believe he “sold” anything. He probably just devoted a lot of his energy towards an entity. Also, his “sigil” is self made. It just says “YEAT”. Nonetheless, I do believe he has worked with an otherworldly being because he gives me that kind of energy through his music. Not “demonic” but enlightened