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My name is Alrica,
I’m an Occultist, Daemonologist (Non-Religious), Daemonolatress, been practicing my entire life. I was taught by my grandma.
I’m 40 yrs old.
I work with Daemon’s, Deities, etc.
Currently learning Necromancy, eventually Vodou.
I’m a Solitary practitioner that doesn’t follow any specific or set path that has already been created as none of them suited me or my practices, so I created my own set for solely myself.

The Specific Daemon’s I work with are Abaddon, Asmodeus, Agaliarept, and Baphomet.
The Deities is a vast list and not just one Pantheon.
And I also work with two Angels. Azreal/Azrael and Raziel.

I say work with because I do not worship, I honor.
I also base my practices around personal experiences, so I never just blindly believe.

I’m an empath, speak to and hear spirits. Used to see them, but that’s something dumb I did to myself as an angry 18 yr old. Working on fixing that.
I’m an energy manipulator.
I do work with gemstones simply because I find them interesting.

I have worked with Eight of the Nine Daemonic Gatekeepers for a long time but the 4 I mentioned have been in my life my entire life, so I started working with them first.
Jury is still out on Satan. Never had any experiences, so I can’t confirm either way.

I’ve experienced paranormal things my entire life.

That’s all that I can think of at the moment.
Do not hesitate to ask me questions.


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Welcome. May you find peace here.

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Hello and welcome here :wink:

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Thank you all

Happy new year girl! Yeaaaaa!:dancer: