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Hi all, I’m Casey! im currently floating about Queensland, Australia :slight_smile:
Some current areas of interest are:

  • magic as a whole (wanting to find the area most suited to me, possibly green magic)
    -ways to further my connection with a higher self, spirit guides, the earth and exploring/Channeling the faery and creativity realms.
    -interested in learning more about the concepts of Lutheranism and Lilith
  • would also like help in protection and how to go about attracting mentorship.

Excited to be involved in this forum! Appreciate this platform, Thank you!


Awesome. Most people here are of the LHP (left hand path Philosphy) we are really big on self deification and making your own moral compass. You command the universe and manifest the change you’d like from desires.

If you are brand new I recommend some gallery of magick books to get started.

Here’s a basic summoning tutorial:

Invocation tutorial (super helpful if you’re looking to obtain the qualities of lilith):

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Welcome @Calylith

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You have listed your areas of interest but not told us if you have any actual experience in anything.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many interesting things.

you have me off to a great start, thank you!
Although I try to remain open minded to all, the LHP always whisks me away.
Will read over the guides tomorrow after some needed rest :slight_smile: I have used invocation in the past and found the experience very profound and my life altered quiet drastically! since that time I have taken a break and have spent a little while re centring, cleansing and getting my intentions clear before re engaging in these types of practices again… so here I am! Treating myself a newbie although I have always dabbled and believed in the wonders of magick since I can remember.
I have a couple books but non of the gallery of magick so will look into those!
Thank you again for sharing :smiley:


Welcome :blush:

Hi, thank you!
Although I have always been open to our wonderful world of Magick I do still feel somewhat new to it all! growing up I have done spells and spirit work with my older sister, although she did alot of the preparation etc I felt alot like a spectator. For a while after that I didnt really do much at all but In recent years I have begun to re engage with invocation, regular intention setting and manifestation, cleansing/ energy clearing, sigils, astrology, tarot and oracle, meditation, actively communicating with mother nature and I have recently felt heavily the presence of two particular spirits around my house so working to engage with those whilst finding ways to remain protected etc. hoping to gain a lot of insight and connections through these platforms !!

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Thank you! :smiley: excited to be here :heart:

Thank you very much! Im sure I will :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum