New Member + I think Belial has tried reaching out to me + Desperate for legal help

Hello! I go by Fau here. Pleasure to meet everyone and join this website!

I’ve known about this forum for maybe over a year now, but with my New Age spiritual upbringing and all, I’ve always been very scared of “lower vibrations”.

I woke up one morning with a deep voice booming in both ears, saying the name “BELIAL”. I remember opening my eyes while I heard that name, so that dream and name has stuck ever since. Not sure if it’s because I was looking through this forum, though I was more interested in another entity.

Few months pass and I’m reading a book. Flip the pages and I see Belial’s name again. The only reason I had that book was because of someone I thought was my Twin Flame. Without meeting him, I would not have any interest signing up for that course in school and coming across Belial again, nor would I have allowed myself to pursue the spiritual/occult matters of life. There are a few other instances, too.

I have this strange gut knowing that maybe in some past life, I was involved with all this “dark stuff”. Even today, I feel a sort of taboo darkness (how can I explain it?) inside me and I keep coming back to this, running away, coming back, etc.

This time, I’m desperate. I’m scared and I’m desperate. I’m on multiple scholarships. I’m in a good school. My mom works way too hard. I didn’t really do anything bad, but a young man I recently acquainted myself with got into a mess and I might get involved simply because I wanted to hang with him.

I just want to avoid the popo completely. I want this whole thing to be over. I know everything happens for a reason and everything always works out in the end…

I know my first step is to FINALLY and properly contact Belial. I’ve made a few weird attempts and something happened once, before the situation. I have trouble finding the necessary items and I’m just shaky and scared about the whole thing.

Thank you for reading.



What is your experience in magick?


Hi! My experience is nothing, really.


Okay just going to dump some links to my own posts, post questions and other members can probably help because I have a full day planned:

Somewhere in that should be a way for you to begin making contact, especially since he seems to be kind of tagging you first. :+1:


Oh my goodness Lady_Eva. You have no idea how big of a help this is. Thank you so, so, so much. You’re a genuine sweetheart and I appreciate this so much.


Such optimism.


@Lady_Eva beat me with the evocation link lol

But I can offer this little tip about Belial. The fear that comes off of him seems to be his first test for those who approach him. I was terrified when i first approached him, even after years of working with spirits. But i knew it was what I needed, as he made himself known in a similiar fashion that he seems to with you. So, acknowledging the fear as well as the need, I called him and opened that door. He can be a tough teacher but he shows you exactly what you need to learn.

As far as the possible legal trouble, I have seen him not only help someone accused for something he did not due in court, but completely turn the tables so the one making the accusations so they were punished instead. I do not know a better spirit for legal help than Belial.


This is so encouraging to hear. Thank you so much! Wishing you a lovely day.


You as well


I just did the Simple English Demonic Evocation and…there was a strangely friendly energy the whole time? Initially I was scared because it was dark, but when the visualization began, he appeared large, strong, yet friendly. He just casually nodded his head like it was no big deal, and I found myself smiling towards the end. While I did stutter and backtrack and repeat a few steps (I’m a major perfectionist and afraid of failure), I felt like he didn’t mind it too much?

Anyways, I feel so much lighter about the whole situation. I had to let you know so I could thank you once again for your help. <3 You have no idea how much you’ve helped me, and how much Belial’s presence has lightened my mood.


You’re avoiding this Popo? He wouldn’t hurt a fly.



I also have been pointed by many signs to King Belial. I finally managed to contact him tonight and we had a lovely chat. I have now embraced him as my patron and look forward to working with him for a long time to come. He has brought me great peace this morning. If you are drawn to him, I encourage you to contact him.
Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors.


I have been having issues with the courts and so to help me deal with my upcoming cases and court dates Lucifer has assigned to me a spirit named Duke Eligos. I find that the best way to deal with things is to let Lucifer know your situation and hevwill assign you a spirit to help you deal with it. From what it sounds like your assigned spirit is Belial but sometimes he assignes more than one so keep on the lookout for whom else you may need on your team. Cheers!


Yeah, Belial is the primary right now but he’s agreed to work with and let me work with some of the others I have been pointed to. Right now he’s guiding me through some small spells with the promise they will work. He wants me to call Dantalion tonight when I get home from work. Glad you found the help you needed, I’m looking forward to some amazing results on my end.